who I am

Aubin Yvonne Skipper

  • wife
  • mother
  • sister
  • daughter
  • friend
  • forgiven
  • passionate
  • in love
  • loved
  • real
  • called
  • redeemed
  • thankful
  • desperate
  • grateful
  • amazed
  • encouraged
  • anticipating
  • waiting–needing–more of YOU, Lord

3 thoughts on “who I am

  1. Hello Aubin, I am Chris Cole’s friend Jennifer Earnhart. We have meet a few times now. I talked to Chris just today asking when the next time you would be in town ? After seeing hundreds of photos at the Cole’s house and then The Eddie’s shoot, I would love it, if you had the time to phtograph my three kids.

    You can email me back and we can talk.

  2. hi Aubin,

    i met you a while back through YouthFront and when you were dating Mike Meyers! ha! i’m also really good friends with Wendi Balda. Ian and i are due with our first babe June 8th and i’m looking for someone to have a dialogue with about eco-friendly, healthy baby stuff (everything from bottles (even though i’m planning to breast feed), to clothes to whatever other thoughts/recommendations you have!) ian and i would LOVE to someday be in the “place” your family is in…living on land, growing our food…etc. (we even planted a garden in our front yard last year b/c we have no sun in our backyard…luckily no neighbors have complained! 🙂

    so, just wanting to see if you have time for a quick phone call or if i could email you.

    hope you’re well…i’m thrilled the Lord is blessing your family!

    in His love,

    1. Whitney/Aubin – So random that I was browsing Aubin’s blog AND that I read through this page. I didn’t know you knew each other, and of course you both know Donny. Just wanted to put the connection together! Aubin, I was just telling Donny tonight that I think you and I would be good friends, as we have SO much in common! Also, just read your post about Alex and will be praying for you all in that.

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