Hello 2011

I honestly cannot believe it’s already a new year!  to be honest, and lets face it, that’s the whole point of this blog, 2010 was one of if not THE hardest year of our marriage.  Not necessarily for us as a couple, although like any couple we had our ups and downs.  But it was just a HARD year.  We have been humbled, we’ve needed & received help, and our God has been faithful to us.  BJ had seven, yes SEVEN, teeth extracted, suffered the pain of those teeth causing him trouble and then got dry socket following both surgeries.  The spider bite literally wiped out months of my life.  Soooo frustrating (to say the least!).  Nevermind the random sting, infections, & other physical ailments I had I can’t even remember now! We had our issues with Olive,  Zoe was in for doctors tests regarding a lump behind her ear, and of course pregnancy & a new baby always spice things up a bit!  BJ actually refers to 2010 as “The Year of Affliction”!!  We are fully aware it’s not been as bad as it could’ve been, people have it so much worse.  But for us, there was some definite sifting involved!  And yet, we’re still standing.  Praise the Lord.

Everyone has their struggles, the things that God is using to draw us to Him and to refine us.  God has asked us to hand over our children, our lives, our futures, our finances and TRUST Him and have FAITH to follow Him.  Those things have required our hands to be pried open more than we thought and who knows what further prying lies ahead?  What we do know is we serve a faithful God who loves us deeply (like a hurricane!) And whatever He is leading our family into, He is preparing us in the NOW to be able to handle what is coming.

On a lighter note, best moment of 2010??  Most definitely the birth of our sweet Willow!! What would we do without her? Can’t even imagine and we’ve only known her for two months today 🙂

We’ve been blessed by God with five amazing children.  I never imagined I’d be the mom to FIVE kids and yet here we are.  And I am thrilled.

This May, BJ & I will have been married for ten years.  Unbelievable.  I still remember the first time I saw him (which involved me ignoring him due to his hotness and I was NOT going to be another girl who fell at his feet….or I was 🙂 I can’t imagine life without this God fearing man.  I trust him to lead our family toward God..

I’ve started a new scrapbooking project called “Project Life” which I’m REALLY excited about.  I’m hoping to blog more…I might even finish Part 3 of this post. I don’t know if I will but here’s to hoping!

These verses are now blown up, waiting to be framed and put on our wall.  We’re believing this is a word from God for us as a family:

“I am the Lord your God, who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar–the LORD of hosts is his name.  And I have put my words in your mouth and covered you in the shadow of  my hand, establishing the heavens and laying the foundations of the earth, and saying to Zion, “You are my people.” Is. 51: 15-16

Friend, are you part of his people?  I pray you are.  Once Jesus captured my heart, He’s never let me go–and He never will.  What an amazing thought–the GOD of this Universe cares about this small town girl.  He plucked me up out of the depths.  He’ll do the same for you.  Run to Him.  With everything you are.

Happy 2011.




4 thoughts on “Hello 2011

  1. Aubin I love the new post. Who ever thought that reading about the struggles and trials His people go through would bring Joy but it surely does. James is one of my fav books because it constantly reminds me of this very thing.

    I hear so many saying they are thankful that 2010 is over and I am just thankful of all God taught me in 2010. Without that 2010 I assuredly believe I would not be prepared for 2011.

    You have been blessed with a beautiful family as well as I and I am so thankful the Skipper’s are a part of the Sullin’s lives.

    Love ya girl!

  2. LOVE reading your blog Aubin! You guys are such a beautiful and inspiring family!! So excited for what God has in store for you this year!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing your heart with us yet again. It’s always inspiring to read your posts and yet it so often applies to my own life in some way or another. 2010 was a rough year for us as well and yet as Lynnae said, He taught me things I probably wouldn’t have learned and prepared me for 2011! I don’t know what the Lord has in store for this year but He does and that’s all that matters! Love you & miss you all. Can’t wait to meet Willow in person – some day.

  4. So this is NOT Aubin, its her technologically challenged other half who doesn’t care to figure out how to not be “logged in as Aubin”. Another HUGE lesson of 2010 was: my circumstances don’t determine God’s goodness, He IS good in the face of all things that might make me feel otherwise. I love you baby, good job, I couldn’t be more proud!

    Your hot husband,

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