open forum–fire away!

We’re pregnant with #5! Maybe you think we’re crazy, or are wondering just how many Skipper kids are going to inhabit this earth of ours??? So Honest Aub is going to answer your questions. In the comments section, ask me anything you want. I’ll answer it. Most likely ๐Ÿ™‚


17 thoughts on “open forum–fire away!

  1. We are so excited for you! Are you as anxious as we are for this new arrival to be here so we can hold him/her????? I had to ask a question even though I knew the answer already! Don’t worry about what others say, just love the gifts the Lord is giving!!!!!
    We love and miss you guys so much. I hope we can get together soon!! Love, DOT

  2. my only question is why it took so long to have another one on the way…you can never go beyond the blessings God is giving you. consider it a compliment from the one who knows the most!!

  3. Congrats!! I’m also pregnant with our second so I have a ways to go to catch up to you! I’m due in September – so we’re very close in our pregnancies! Haven’t posted anything on facebook yet because my boss doesn’t know ๐Ÿ™‚

    I do have a question though…Was this a surprise?

    Kim (Paul)

  4. Hi sweetie-
    I’ll ask a question that I’m pretty sure I know how you will answer, but will ask it for the benefit of others. Do you think everyone should have as many babies as they can, using no contraception or methods to prevent pregnancy?

  5. My only ? is why do you care what others think about you having baby #5??? I really think it’s between you & BJ on how many children you have & of course GOD!!! You have beautiful babies & are good parents, go for it!

  6. Aubin,
    As you know of course, i have 7 now and one on the way…my own personal opinion is that God will be the one to tell us when we are done, we are after all living by His will and not our own! I love your babies and am thrilled that you are having #5…bring them on we have lots of room to love!!! Congrats

  7. I think it is so great you are expecting #5. I would do the same thing if I were able to have more babies. They are amazing!!! I always pray for a miracle that we might be blessed with another one. Your are very blessed!!

  8. I want to know how many retarded people you think will ask you some dumb question like “Don’t you know how babies are made?!” ? Or maybe I’ll ask you– how many people do you think I’ll have to beat up because they make some snide comment about having a large family? Or maybe I’ll ask–do you think I can ever be as good a Momma as you? (because you are stinkin’ awesome!)
    Love you forever sister…audrey

  9. Hey Aubin, I was wondering how you manage to get back into such great shape and have such energy after each pregnancy? What is your secret!?
    ps. I think it’s awesome you are pregnant with #5!!

  10. oh, wow! i didn’t see this- free question/answer time! I am anxiously awaiting the answer to your mom’s question… love the idea of big families, but don’t know if i’m cut out for it…
    And congrats, again! ๐Ÿ˜‰ so excited for you guys!

  11. Aubin, first let me start out by saying… I think you’re a really neat mama…. your children are precious. .. all of them. The size of a family should be of no concern to anyone other than you and BJ, unless (and please know I say this with a truly loving spirit) the taxpayers are having to subsidise and financially accept the responsibility for the children. I am also not intimating at all that you are on government assistance, I’m just trying to explain my position… I completely support government assistance and know there is a need for this in our country. I guess the question is isn’t there parental responsibility that goes along with financial assistance that the American taxpayers should expect…. Aubin, I pray for you, BJ and your new baby that that the Lord will protect this new little life and addition to your family.

  12. I have a burning question that weighs on my mind HEAVILY as I contemplate more children (and consider, coming from someone who had many difficulties getting the ones I have) First – I want to say…I really hesitated to ask for fear of being judged as not having enough Faith in God, or questioning His plan, or any other judgments…but in the end, I don’t really care what anyone thinks so I am asking! lol! (and again, this is a question I ask MYSELF all the time…just wondering YOUR thoughts b/c I have so much respect for you) Here goes: Do you ever worry that you are “pushing your luck?” For example, God had BLESSED me with 2 healthy babies already…do I dare keep asking/praying for more?

  13. I’m posting this comment from Lynnae Sullins under this post for the benefit of those who didn’t get to read it. She posted it yesterday on another post of mine:

    Lynnae Sullins
    Aubin โ€“ I am approaching an anniversary of a very important nature April 10th which leads me to my question. 23 years ago I (Terry and I actually) made a very important decision about child birth and even though I am confident of your answer maybe it could help one of your readers. During a pregnancy if your doctor informs you that your baby will undoubtedly have birth defects of severe nature and suggested that aborting was an option what would you do? We made that decision to continue on and I have never once regretted it. We had an absolutely beautiful 9 hours with our little Shauna and I wouldnโ€™t be able to live with myself had we not had that time together. She held our hands with her tiny little fingers and that will be a very treasured 9 hours. Anyway, I thought I would ask you the same question that was asked of us some 23 years ago.

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