One year of Olive

Hey guys! It’s me again–Olive. The last time Mommy let me write a post, my sisters and brother BEGGED her to let me do it again and again cause they thought what I wrote was wayyyyy more interesting than her stuff. So I guess for my birthday, mom’s handing over the keyboard again 🙂

Let’s see last year at this time, just a few hours earlier (5:57 am to be exact) Mommy had her first homebirth (AND first waterbirth) and delivered me. She says to anyone who asks it was one of  the coolest experience of her life. As relaxing as any “labor” could be, wonderful to be in her own home and surrounded by family. Pretty cool.

Shiloh, Zoe & Judah always told everyone I “swam to Daddy” which I think is pretty cool. Of course, really he just caught me from the water, but shhh, we won’t tell them that. It makes for a really rockin story the other way.

No one can believe it’s been a year and we have celebrated my 1st birthday! Here I am as a lady bug. Mommy & Daddy call me “Ollie Bug” so it seemed fitting.

Mimi got me a walker which I really need because I have NO interest in walking right now. There was a slight resemblance to what PaPa Paul and his walker used to look like but we’re not talking about that 🙂 I wasn’t sure what I thought of my awesome cake my nursery teacher, Cathy Lane made me.

But I decided it was amazing!!

And nevermind Judah’s head in this picture–he just makes me laugh so much Mommy wanted to add it anyway!

Anyway, let me tell a few things that I’ve been up to. There are several things you can count on me doing.  They are:

  1. First of all, I wake up somehow cheery even though I sleep horrible–still 🙂
  2. Mommy & Daddy HOPE it has something to do with the fact I have SIX teeth coming in, giving me a total of EIGHT, but they’re not so sure.
  3. I crawl to the homeschool room where the kids are and the FUN (for me!) begins.  First, I crawl to the kids workboxes and even though Mommy gave me MY OWN special drawer, I choose to ignore that one and rip off all of the numbers instead.  Exhibit A:
  4. Then I crawl over to the puzzle box, and promptly empty all puzzle bags.
  5. Lastly, I make my way to the crayon jar.  I empty the crayons AND eat some of them.
  6. And I pretty much do that same little routine throughout the day.  Mommy said something about “fighting a losing battle” but I didn’t know what she meant??

We got a new puppy and I try to eat her food and clench my fists when “she” eats MY food 🙂

I just LOVE being with my sisters & brother.  No one makes me laugh like them.  They love so much and fight over giving me BIG LOVINS!!

Most days I am a pawn in the hands of my sister’s pretend world, consisting mostly of being dressed up however she feels.

Overall, my life is really, really great.  Mommy & Daddy think I’m so sweet and cute and can’t get enough of me.  And I think that’s pretty cool.

14 thoughts on “One year of Olive

  1. Aubin, once again you made me smile!! A merry heart doeth good like a medicine!! So I’m taking it in and believing for the completion of my healing. Love you guys and this little “bug”! You are a blessing.

  2. Aubin- I love reading these posts so much! This truly does make my day 🙂 I just can’t stop smiling! Love you!

  3. Happy Birthday Olive! Aubin, you are blessed with 4 beautiful, and photogenic, children! I love reading about what goes on in the Skipper house. Take care. I look forward to your visit to Charleston, whenever that may be!

  4. (chanting wildly) Ahh-LIV, Ahh-LIV, Ahh-LIV… Ahh-live… olive. (from ‘Olive the other reindeer’, in case you were wondering!)
    oh, man- i can’t get enough– she’s great, and i love reading about the world through olive’s eyes. i may have to copy your style someday.

  5. Aubin-
    Another great blog – you just crack me up. So cute how you wrote as though Olive was the author. Great pictures, too! Love you!

  6. love, love, love it! So cute, all the kids look beautiful, great pics…miss you, love you guys, Happy Birthday to Olive! Wish we could’ve been there! Love the lady bug outfit!

  7. i cannot believe it has been a year! crazy! and i must say, two things: one, she is ADORABLE and makes me want a girl in our home so bad! and two, is that awesome green carpet in your home. how cool!

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