oh the things kids say…!

Hysterical laughing coming from the back. “Mom, mom, come look at this!” Enter me. Visualize Judah hanging Olive upside down by her ankles. “Mom, she likes it! She’s laughing!” Olive is gently laid down to the ground. “Judah, how many times have Daddy & I talked to you about what can happen to Olive if you do that?” (insert conversation about her breaking her neck and her being paralyzed, etc., etc.)

Then the kicker. Zoe says, “Oh Mom! In the catalog there is an American Girl wheelchair…If Olive breaks her neck, I’m SURE it would be just her size.”

Silence. Laugher. “No–that won’t work. Let’s just not pick her up by her ankles. Thank you.”

Just in case you wanted to see if it really would be just her size…

3 thoughts on “oh the things kids say…!

  1. Beyond hilarious…I mean, seriously, I just about peed my pants laughing. Love it! “Come on, Mom, so what if you have a handicapped child–for real!! What’s the big deal?”
    love, love, love ya, aud

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