new season of the Bachelor

I find it hilarious that most of my really stirring and convicting blog posts are followed up by completely LAME and worthless ones!!  I think this is the perfectionist side of me coming out–all or nothin, baby!

anyway, great quotes and thoughts I feel the need to share:

1)  I just told BJ, “what is up with the fireworks?! Seriously, please do NOT ever set up a fireworks display for me.  Get your own fireworks, get a punk, light that puppy and sit back down with me on the blanket in the yard.”  For real, people!  Fireworks??  Is it just me?!

2)  Quote for the night:  “We were on a roller coaster and he was so hot…”  Really?  I mean, really?  Doubtful.

3)  Rozlyn, my friend, this is how rumors get started.  “BJ, this girl Rozlyn gets kicked off of the Bachelor for having an ‘inappropriate relationship with a staff member”  Today BJ says to me, “Didn’t a girl get kicked off for sleeping with a camera man?”  Camera man?  Where did that come from??

4)  When Jake told Ella he had something for her birthday and he came back with a cupcake, do you think she was really happy or secretly totally let down??

5)  Michelle is crrraaaazzzyyyy

So…sorry to waste your time but I justed wasted mine so I had to drag my readers along 🙂

5 thoughts on “new season of the Bachelor

  1. for some reason the Bachelor has always been my most fav show… like I get excited Monday morning…knowing that it’s on later. anyway, i agree with all your deep insights :)…
    So, eddie read reality steve’s blog (do you know about him?) and he told me who won… so i’m watching this season kind of already knowing what the outcome will be. It’s kinda fun actually b/c of all seasons… I have a feeling this one I won’t get in to as much..b/c Jake is really cute,..but not much I don’t really care much.

    Anyway, and whats up with that nebraska chick whose all like “you can’t kiss me, but do you want to kiss me?” and getting all up in his face!! weirdo.

    ok bye

  2. Aubin:

    I am not sure about Tenley from the Bachelor!!!! I have a feeling she is going to tell him she is going to leave on the next episode bc she can’t handle him “having feelings” for 5 women! Can’t say as I blame her, LOL!
    Then there is Gia…like her but just not sure. Think she would be a good match bc she has experienced some relationship issues as Jake has!!!
    Ali stumps me sometimes. At first I didn’t care for her bc I thought she was kind of immature & coniving…but the last episode she seemed to really like him.
    Vienna…not so cute…needs to step it up a little if she is giong to continue on.
    Who do you think will be the bride?
    Carmen…the suspense is killing me…who does he choose?

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