this year…


a new year.  praying this year the thoughts I have every year will stick more than the previous year.   so, without further ado…

In 2010, I want to:

spend more time focusing on our marriage.

focus more on BJ and all of his great qualities and become a better wife for him

get to know my kids better, spend more quality time with them and do the things most important to them individually

so that means more time getting to know Zoe’s heart

more time cuddling with Judah

more one on one time with Shiloh

more time enjoying every moment as Olive grows up way too quickly

Spend more time making & keeping our family traditions

carefree time outside together, enjoying life

making our homeschool flow and enjoy it more than I worry about it being “perfect”

be grateful for more time and savor this time living by my family

and while spending time with my family, have a lot of fun doing it

find beauty in the small moments instead of picking apart everything that isn’t just right

and even save pictures I would normally delete because they aren’t completely in focus–because it captures a moment I’ll someday miss desperately.

get some projects done around the house I’ve been putting off for awhile

be a more involved, more engaged wife & mom, friend, daughter & sister.

more like Christ.

memorize more scripture, read more books, listen to more music, keep on top of things that matter to me, spend more quality time with friends & family, less time on the computer and more time playing games…the list goes on & on.

most of all, be more content and grateful for what is right in front of me.

and maybe, just maybe I’ll update this blog and my website more.  But friends, THAT is at the very bottom of my list.

8 thoughts on “this year…

  1. i think it’s interesting that you already had pictures to go with each goal…you must be on the right track!
    OR, did you run around taking these photos as you wrote this post? i can just see it…all the costume changes and the kids freezing outside in their summer clothes. “kids, you have to pretend it’s summer. mommy needs a picture showing that we have fun in the sun together.”

  2. Aubin, I just stumbled across you on facebook, which led me to your blog–what fun to see what you’ve been doing for the last several years! I have no idea when we last talked or anything (it seems like it’s been many many years, huh?) but I was delighted to see all of your beautiful kids, and to read your blog. It is so evident you are still such an amazing artist (I was always inspired by your giftedness in making things BEAUTIFUL). Do you take pictures professionally now? Your pics of your kids are so wonderful!
    kellie (huebner) jacobsen

  3. Love the goals…can I just copy and paste your “list” –with name changes, of course, for hubby and children! ha– onto my computer and make that mine too for 2010? Kidding…love it, love it. Great pics, good thoughts, awesome goals. And no, we don’t expect you to update the blog all the time, seriously. If anyone does expect that, give me their name and address and I’ll handle it:) love ya sister.

  4. I love this entire post and all the pictures. One of my favs is Zoe at her desk. Meant to say so last night, but didn’t get to it. Thanks for coming over and hanging out for a while.

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