oh Happy Day

There’s nothing like a friend’s birthday to pull you out of your horrible blogging hiatus, huh?!  That’s right, friends, TODAY is Miss Chris Cole’s 40th birthday!  It’s not believable, is it?!  I mean look at this gal!

Seriously…NOT fair.  But it’s okay, I’ll let her be gorgeous after having five boys because that’s how much I love her!

So for those of you know Chris, well, you know you have never met someone as amazing as her.  She’d laugh at me right now and tell us we’re all crazy, but those of us who know her, well, we know we’re pretty special to be considered her friend.

Her smile and laugh are infectious, her mercy and kindness run deep, her encouragement and love are unending, her love and passion for Jesus–undeniable.

I looked up the word “friend” in the dictionary.  Have to say it was a pretty lame definition.  It didn’t even remotely touch the type of friend Chris has been to me.  I knew Chris when my last name was Hamilton, when my perception of myself was jaded, when it seemed like my world was falling apart, when my eyebrows were WAAAAYYYY to thick (notice picture below).  She & Dave took me under their wings and that was just the beginning of a friendship I’m beyond grateful for.

God has given her the ability to look at someone not for who or where they are then but for WHO or WHERE they are meant to be and go.  She can look at you and see past all of the junk and encourage you to push forward into who God wants you to be.  She can do that because her life hasn’t always been one of perfection.  Would you ever guess that her childhood was less than perfect?  No.  Because she is the most whole individual you will ever know.  Christ has filled every hole left by another and she is amazing.

She was the first person I called when I met BJ.  I really believe no one had prayed for my future husband more than her.  She stood up with me at our wedding.  From allowing BJ & I to live with them when we moved to Georgia, and let us bring home our newborn Zoe…she acted like it was no big deal to have another family living with them.  And we weren’t the only ones and we know there will be others.

She has been my # 1 example of friend & wife.  She is my mentor in the journey of motherhood.  She is REAL.

Chris, I want you to know you are the best friend I could ever have asked for.  You have shown me what it’s like to be a friend and you’ve never let me down.  You have been more like a sister than friend.  Your husband and boys are so blessed to have you as their wife/mom and I know they know it.  I pray today on your special day you feel as loved as you are.  Thank you for all you’ve taught me, sista, and all you continue to be.

“Go in peace, for we have sworn friendship with each other in the name of the LORD, saying, ‘The LORD is witness between you and me, and between your descendants and my descendants forever.”  1 Sam. 20:42

Here’s to the Road Show, “FUN & FUNNY”, coming to an old folks home near you!!

happy birthday, Chrissy…love you!  aubi

5 thoughts on “oh Happy Day

  1. aubin, that was perfect! great job describing chris. I think she has the wrong birth year. should be more like 1979!!! I am so thankful for her as SO many others are. what a woman :)!

  2. Aubin, I saw your post on fb and came to check it out. I just scrolled down the whole page and read every post. You are an amazing writer…so real and inviting. I just LOVE you! I feel so privileged that I was your roommate like a million years ago and that I can call you friend.

    Great post about Chris. You two are a beautiful picture of friendship…and just a beautiful picture!!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Wow, aubin and Chris–what a picture of real, true friendship between women. I pray that someday I will have mentored, cared for, loved and impacted someone else the way that Chris has impacted you, Aubin…and that I will have someone in my life to say those things ABOUT as well.
    Happy Birthday Chris!

  4. Aubin! What an awesome blog about an awesome woman! I love your sisterhood with her! 🙂 Saw this when taking a peek at your blog.
    Hope to see you sometime soon. 🙂

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