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Hey blog readers (aka family and a few close friends)–it’s me, Olive!  Can you believe it, I am 8 MONTHS OLD TODAY!  My mom has the best of intentions to write on here, but I’ve kinda been a little needy lately (oops) and pretty much cry if she walks away from me.  Anyway, I decided to get on here and fill you in with what I’ve been up to.  See my friend Jonah up at the top/right there?  We pray for him every night.  Well, anyway, my mom is fully aware that he blogs and that it’s super cute and she said she is totally fine if people think I am copying him, because well, I am!  I’m just THAT okay with it 🙂

Anyway, the picture above is when I was a couple of months younger and we were on vacation at the Outer Banks.  I LOVED eating the sand.  Apparently my sisters and brother did the same thing at this age too.  Go figure!  Ah yes, and here I am below sitting up.  Yes, I am sitting on the kitchen floor because when Mommy is cooking, I just HAVE to be in there.  Aren’t I cute?  I started sitting up at around six months.

IMG_4427 copy

About that time, I got these two adorable little chompers…er, I mean teeth.  I definitely know how to use them.  I still get my feelings hurt when Momma yells after I’ve tried them out–I just don’t get it?!

IMG_4377 copy

I LOVE this swing.  I feel so big when I am in it and I get to be with Zoe, Judah & Shiloh.  This swing used to be theirs, too.  Can’t a girl get anything for herself?  Well, I do get ALL of their attention.  Yeah, they love me.IMG_4365 copy

Okay, so my FAVORITE things right now are our two cats.  Mommy doesn’t normally want them in the house but they make me laugh so much, she just has to let them in.  This is me with our cat, Goober.  Don’t ask about the name, she had that before I came along.  I also love eating Zoe & Shi’s Polly Pockets–girls, don’t forget to put those away!

IMG_4272 copy

Anyway, life is good at 8 months.  Mommy & Daddy think I’m so cute and sweet and even though I’m teething and am just a teensy bit harder than normal, they say that’s okay.  I’m only a baby once, right?  And if you have a problem with it, well, here’s what I have to say to that:

IMG_4465 copy

(I heard Momma say she wishes I were chewing on a different finger but she just loves this picture so darn much she doesn’t care, she’s posting it).  Thanks for listening–see you in another couple of months!

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