River Church

BJ & I have been blessed to have so many amazing friends.  Friends who are there through thick and thin, friends who make you laugh, friends who are putting their whole life into following Jesus.  Todd & Lori Magouyrk are two of those amazing people.  I knew Todd from Georgia, all four of us went to Liberty where all paths crossed.  Lori has become a dear, dear friend of mine and the same for Todd & BJ.  They are planting a church in Charleston, SC.  This couple has an amazing passion for God and we are 100% confident God is going to do amazing things through them in Charleston.

5-23-2009 3-18-16 PM copy

I wouldn’t go so far as to say we “begged” God to let us be a part of their church plant 🙂 but we really wanted to be.  However, God didn’t open that door so we are supporting them from afar.  So many of our friends are joining them on this journey–it’s going to be amazing.

Anyway, I just wanted to put their names and faces before you as they travel this new road.  PLEASE pray for them–for their support to come in (if you feel led to give, please please do!); for the enemy to be far away from this family; for God to continue to work in their lives as a couple and in their children’s lives.

Todd & Lori

5-23-2009 3-19-29 copy

Molly5-23-2009 2-57-4 copy

Neely5-23-2009 3-00-44 PM copy 2

Henry5-23-2009 3-24-46 PM copy

River Church–check it out!!!

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