5 months

I can’t believe this sweet little girl is five months old today!  Where did the time go?  She is rolling over, laughing at her brother and sisters, cooing, ready to eat big girl bites, getting chunkier, grabbing her cute feet…and  more than we’d ever dreamed.  We love you, Olive!!  Happy 5 months, sweet pea.

IMG_9895 copyIMG_9929 copy1IMG_9926 copy1IMG_9916 copy1

6 thoughts on “5 months

  1. Aub, LOVE the pics! i’m so glad you put them up because I haven’t seen her, and I just think she doesn’t look like anyone–she’s really just her own person. can’t believe how old she is already, either. i’m really excited for you all to come. love, aud

  2. I totally agree, she has her own look and yet she still looks like she belongs… beautiful like the rest of you!! Can’t wait to see you!! We’re down to weeks now and so excited!!!!!

  3. LOVE THESE…oh Olive, you are just a stunner. I totally agree with everyone else. She looks so unique and yet in the eyes, you see all the siblings. Great job, love the post production on all of them.

  4. Thanks guys! I agree with everyone, too. I just look at Olive and see something different and yet she’s definitely a Skipper. Thanks for the props, Kel. I try but you guys have set a pretty high standard with your AMAZING work 🙂 Love you Aud & Chrissy. Ape, loved your newest senior girl. Family pics for us next time we’re in GA, K?

  5. She definitely has a different look to her than the rest. Hmmm…wonder if she is going to favor daddy. All your kids are beautiful…

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