love love love it

Okay, so I went to a wedding yesterday.  It was very nice.  And there’s nothing like a wedding to make you think about your own wedding, you know?  It felt like I was transported back 8 years ago when I got to marry this hunk of a man 🙂


And it also got BJ & I talking.  And we laughed.  Hard.  Because honestly, we think our wedding was the best ever!!  How full of ourselves can we be?!  I mean, come on.  But seriously, people, we LOVED our wedding.  We didn’t just love that we were marrying one another, on the beach, surrounded by our closest friends and family…



or it wasn’t just that we rocked it like a hurricane to some 80’s music



Someone asked me yesterday what we did to make Christ a part of our wedding.  I couldn’t think of one certain particular thing.  But what he & I both decided on was this–it was the people surrounding us during our wedding and leading up to it and THEIR like mindedness and passion for God that made our wedding so amazing to us.  I believe God was there, I really do.  It was such a beautiful day.

Our wedding was so special to us for the obvious reasons.  But also because I was never sure God was going to bring along the right guy for me and he wasn’t convinced he was going to get married at all.  And now, look at us?  I’m getting teary eyed right now.


I think with our wedding being so unbelievably special to us and feeling like God was going to do some serious stuff in our lives as a couple/family, there are times when we look around and wonder–God, what’s going on?  Are you even a real part of our every day lives?  Did we get it wrong that you were going to use us in a certain way?  Is our marriage even close to reflecting what we want it to?  And  yes, I think those are awesome questions to ask ourselves.  And I also think I could be a million times better at being a wife.  And I have so much to learn about honor, respect, submission and so on.  I do know this–we ARE more in love now than we were back then.  And God is using us.  And then we got this in the mail from a friend who was at our wedding:

“God is still visible in our marriage and family as much as He was at Liberty when you met.”

Words sent at the right time from an old friend who knew waaaaaaaaay back then 🙂

As for the wedding, there are some things I’d change.  Like I would have my bridesmaids wear different types of dresses, like this:


And I would use these guys as our photographers…


And so should you if you’re not married yet or you’re planning a wedding–Kellan Studios–check ’em out.

But most of all, we would soo totally do this.

How freaking awesome is that?!?  I seriously smiled the whole time watching this.  It was great.

But of everything I would change, I wouldn’t change the most important part of our wedding at all–babe, I’d marry you all over right now.  I’d marry you knowing you were going to be forgetful, knowing you were going to start losing your hair, knowing you were going to wake up in the middle of the night and walk into the closet when I asked you to go get the baby.  And knowing so much more, I’d do it all over again.  Because I know you so well now, so much better.  I know you soooo well that I know you’d marry me, right now, without a second’s hesitation.  Even knowing I was going to have the worst temper ever, struggle to not cuss like a sailor, daily try to battle my flesh and my spit fire nature, have gray hair and a whole lot more.

And that my friends is love.

5-6-2009 6-11-44 PM

I love you, B.  I love our life.  I love it when it’s hard.  I love that God pushed me to wait for you.  I love that you love me when no one else does.  I love our family and I love that our kids have you as a Dad.  I even love that I have no idea when you’ll check my blog 🙂

13 thoughts on “love love love it

  1. Aubin, Weddings always make me think the same thing!! Maybe even especially so when it is your own child’s!! I love this post. You guys are so precious and God is doing such an incredible thing through the both of you!! He has so much more, but it’s all in His time!! Just keep walking in obedience to the ministry in which He has called you at this time, wife and mother!!! That is the most powerful ministry you can have at this time. What a blessing and an honor, to shape small lives into what the Lord has planned for them. To train them up in the way they should go, individually knowing He has imparted special giftings into each of them. Spending time with the Father to know what those giftings are and then helping to develop the next generation for His kingdom!!! I HATE the mentality that the world has place on “stay at home mothers”!!! There is actually no harder job!!! Of course, I don’t have to tell you that, you live it day to day. BUT ohhhhh, with the hard work, the stress, the emotions, and the weariness comes such rewards. I was able to witness one of those rewards Saturday as my beautiful and precious Jodie walked down that aisle, and I know the rewards will keep on coming!! I love you girl!! Keep up the good work. Love that husband of yours too!!!!

  2. Steph–thank you so much for your encouragement!! I can’t even imagine what it was like to marry off a child. I know you are/were soooo proud!! She looked GORGEOUS! Every one of your children did. That green was STUNNING on the girls, and Joel is so handsome. And I don’t have to tell you how much we love your girls 🙂 I’m so grateful for the friendship I have with Joy and the relationship God is growing with Jord & Jon. Love you all so much!! Daily investing in my children–the hardest job I’ve ever had. But I know you’re right, it will return with the greatest reward. love you!

  3. Man, I love you guys!! You and BJ have the marriage and family life that Matt and I strive to have. We are so blessed by you guys! God is very evident in your marriage and family.

    So, I LOVED the video of the wedding entrance. OH my word!! It was AWESOME! 😀 And I checked the website of those photographers and loved it for all the same reasons that I love YOUR photographs!

    I am so very thankful for our friendship too. And my friend Courntey loved you!

  4. Will teardrops ruin my keyboard???
    Thankful that I was able to be part of that special day, and there WAS something wonderfully special about it.
    Love you guys. Keep up the good/hard work.
    Seriously, I want to be like you when I grow up:)

  5. I know, Joy, isn’t that video awesome?! And Kim, it doesn’t work that way when I am wanting to be like YOU 🙂 Love you and so glad you were able to be part of our special day 🙂

  6. You can steal photos and link anytime you want. We are soooo totally flattered!!! What an amazing anniversary tribute to an amazing couple. Truly the imperfections although exasperating at times are what make two become one flesh. God was and continues to be ever present in your marriage. May you be blessed with more thinning and graying hair days together!

  7. This story is beautiful and seriously brought tears to my eyes! You are such an amazing person and I am so blessed to have known you for… well, we won’t say how long- LOL! I can only pray that God continues looking over my relationship and we can continue living our lives for him and continue being as blessed as you and BJ are. I found my man, now I just have to continue praying for when my walk down the aisle will happen – did that just sound selfish?! LOL!

    Love you so much!!!

  8. This is ONE of the reasons I’m so proud to call you my best friend Aubi!! You have a way of articulating that makes us all grab the nearest box of tissues but also inspires us to ask the tough questions…. like, “Are we allowing God to use our marriage to move others closer to Him”? I will never forget your wedding, and how many people shared about the way you’ve both been “Christ with flesh” to them!! Have to say I am SOOOOOOOO thankful you didn’t implement the dancing idea however, considering I would rather shoot myself in the foot than dance in front of a crowd!!! 🙂

    I don’t know “Steph” who commented but please let her know her words were EXACTLY what I needed to hear today after an hour at Wal-Mart with all 4 boys and feeling miserably pregnant. My boys were actually behaving THIS TIME but a woman in the check out lane made a comment about my possible insanity for wanting to have another one. I politely responded that I consider it the best job in the world and wouldn’t trade it and swiftly took off before wanting to bawl! I wish there were more people like Steph to encourage those of us who our culture deems “crazy”!

  9. Beautiful post, Aubin!

    And I would just like to say, that when Stephen and I saw that wedding entrance video last week, we both said the same thing: We would have TOTALLY done this if we could go back and do it all over again!!! 🙂

  10. Love what you said about your marriage – you and BJ are such a blessing to me. Again I say – what an amazing daughter you are!

  11. So it took a while and we have already talked about this post, but I just read it and those of you who know me are sure that I DIDN’T cry at all. She’s hot, smart, a worshipper, an unbelievable mom with a heart to see her children become mighty warriors for the Kingdom, a stinkin good writer, and the definition of God blessing me far beyond what I could EVER ask or even imagine. I love you fireball, I mean sweetie, you are my greatest adventure.

  12. Ok, I am soo glad I am soo late in reading through all this, because I am able to read BJ’s post as well. You too rock in an unbelievable way. My family loves your family and I am so blessed to call you my friends.

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