34 weeks and counting…


Okay, this is so random, why am I posting this, you ask?  I was originally going to post this on Jan. 26.  When I was 34 weeks pregnant.  It was a little over a week after I started to do this when my Dad had his accident and no longer did I care about whether the baby was a boy or a girl, what outfit he or she wore.  All that mattered was life.  Not going into labor early and praying day and night for my Dad’s life.  Isn’t it crazy how life can turn on a dime?

On that note, please click on the “Pray for Stellan” link at the right.  Stellan is in need of our intense prayers again.  My heart hurts for this family.  And most of all, I could literally slap myself for all I complain about/cannot seem to deal with.  I mean, seriously??

(as for the outfits, you know know which one got worn and which one is put away for possible future use 🙂

One thought on “34 weeks and counting…

  1. crazy that when you would have written this, i would be just finding out i was pregnant again…and now when you are posting it, it could almost be my own blog posting!!! almost done, but we know it is a girl.

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