just some new pictures

I don’t have much to post right now.  Well, that’s not true.  I just don’t want to write anything, so I’m putting up pictures.  Olive is TWO MONTHS old now–I cannot believe that.  We have a busy month so I don’t know when I’ll post again–sister is graduating from high school, so all of our family is coming in town, mother’s day, youth group stuff, girl’s get-a-way Memorial Day weekend…and some new dreads to maintain (see picture below!  I’m sure that will be a post later!).

Also, ever since I started Dad’s blog I have felt like I should share my testimony on there–so I finally did!  Huge weight lifted off of my chest.  I’ll post it here, probably tomorrow.  But if you want to check it ou now, you can click on Dad’s blog.  Here we go..img_6980-copy.


4 thoughts on “just some new pictures

  1. I have been patiently waiting for new pictures! HAHA! Your family is so adorable! I can’t believe our girls are 2 months already..Ella is almost THREE! AAH! I cannot believe how much hair Olive has!! SO SWEET! All of your kids are so cute, I especially love the shot of Shiloh!

  2. Those pics are AMAZING!! I love each single shot….all of them are my fav… Zoey’s stick out in my head though.. well and Olives… but then Shiloh’s is sooo cute and Judah is adorable and I love his little man outfit.
    You and BJ look happy and GOD HAS BLESSED YOU!
    I’m jealous of how beautiful your kids are and how you can just take professional pics of them whenever the heck you want!
    Anyway, love your blog. carmen

  3. Wow! The photo of you and BJ is amazing! No wonder you guys have such beautiful children. Miss those kiddos.
    And Shiloh is looking so ‘grown up’!

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