eye color

So the big question is always–what color are his/her eyes?  Being a brown-eyed girl, I never really have liked my eye color.  It seems, well, boring.  And I shouldn’t feel that way, because ALL my mom wanted when she was pregnant was to have a dark haired, dark eyed baby.  Isn’t that funny?  Dad has green eyes, Mom has blue.  Anyway, needless to say, I was pretty pumped when Zoe had green eyes and Judah had blue eyes.  But then, I had my Shi Shi.  She has the brownest of eyes.  And I LOVE them.  They are so beautiful and it’s made me actually appreciate my eyes so much more.

So, Judah and I are sitting down at the bouncy seat with Olive and I say to him, “Judah, you know most people think she looks like you.”  He says, “I don’t think she does Mommy, because her eyes aren’t blue.  What color are her eyes, black?”  “No, but they’re darker so they’re probably going to be brown.”

His sweet reply…”Momma, I gotta tell you something.  I really like brown eyes.”

Buddy, you just made Momma’s day.


5 thoughts on “eye color

  1. He is so sweet! I have brown eyes too and Emmagail has huge brown eyes and they are the prettiest things so I totally understand what you mean! I love moments like these!

  2. What a sweetheart & I gotta tell ya, I love brown eyes, too. Everybody in my family when I was growing up had blue eyes and I thought that was boring! So, yes, was thrilled when you had dark hair and brown eyes.

  3. LOVED this post 🙂 I have two beautiful brown eyed girls and right now baby Josiah at 2 months has blueish eyes. They are for sure way lighter than expected and I hope they stay blue or green. I have brown but Mark has blue eyes. And I always wanted one of our babies to have his eyes. We’ll see. It sure is fun watching them change every day into the little people God has made them.

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