a little update

It’s been such an exciting past week.  We found out Dad gets to come home from the hospital TODAY!  Even cooler than that, Dad got a day pass and he came down to our house to meet Olive.  It was precious.  Here’s my favorite picture from his time here.


The Cole’s came in town to visit Olive (and us!).  There is nothing like when our two families get together–I cannot contain my joy.  We love this family!!!  I’ll be posting pics from their time here soon.

As a quick follow up to the “honest aub” section of my previous post, here goes:

  • I am no longer in my post partum funk.
  • Olive is eating like a champ.
  • The above two points are directly related.  Not saying I wouldn’t have had some depressing times without the struggles of nursing, but I definitely have found that with Olive (and in comparing the previous babies) when the baby starts nursing well, I feel like a better mom, she starts gaining weight, the jaundice starts going away, etc.  All connected.
  • Several of you have commented about the “baby blues”–thanks for being honest with me.  As women, as Christians, it’s SO important to be HONEST about where we are in life.  I cherish this about my closest friends.  And challenge you to be honest, starting with the small stuff.  Did you know there’s usually a direct connection to our honesty with God and our honesty with our friends?  How’s that for food for thought?!
  • I’m feeling better about my r’ship with the other three, but know it still has a long way to go in terms of feeling really connected to them.  Keep praying there.
  • Husband still rocks.  He even informed me the movie’s title is only “What Happens in Vegas”–sorry, to my entertainment buff of a husband.
  • I got a random US Weekly in the mail from someone who knew how to MAKE MY DAY!!  Angela, was that you??  You’d better fess up if it was.

Here’s a little pic of our newest girl…who is screaming so I need to go.  More atcha later!


2 thoughts on “a little update

  1. What awesome news that your dad is coming home today!!! Glad to hear that! I can’t wait to see more pictures of Olive, I am sure you have taken them and are just busy! 🙂

  2. You are such an amazing daughter – I love you so much. You have a wonderful gift of writing and photography – truly blessed – and love the picture of Olive. She is gorgeous!

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