dalonga dalonga dalou

A couple of family pics we took not too long after Olive was born–3 days old I think.



This is what I heard/saw when I looked down into the basement to check on the kids.  They were holdings hands, and saying “Dalonga dalonga dalou” and then they all three fell down and next thing you know they were in a different world.  I absolutely LOVE our kids’ imagination.  It is so awesome–they have always played pretend in the most creative way.

I tell that story because there have been several times since Olive has been born that I’ve wanted to chant those words and possibly wake up in a different world or land.  Just being honest.  In fact, I’m using this as an opportunity to start a new “section” in my blog called “HONEST AUB”–get it, play on words with “Honest Abe”?  Okay, call me a dork, I keep coming back to it so I’m going with it.  So here’s the first “H.A.”

honest aub

  • this birth has been followed by the most hormonal craziness than I have ever experienced following a birth.  I was on an amazing high–and a few days later hit probably my lowest low.  I went from laughing to crying in a matter of seconds (just ask my amazing husband).  I have spoken with a few friends of mine who have four or more children and they’ve all said in agreement that the hormonal stuff gets worse with the more children you have.  awesome.  not really.  I am doing okay now, though, for those of you who are worried.  But I would appreciate your prayers.
  • Mom watched the kids last night for us–thank you mom!!  So it was just BJ, Olive & I at home.  B and I watched “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.  I can’t give it my stamp of approval considering its off color humor–however, I freaking laughed my face off!  I LOVED it.  Is that wrong?  So sorry, but like I said today, “Way to go guys for making a movie that made this post partum girl laugh”!  I think it was great.  Many awesome one liners I will SO be using.
  • I can’t get ahold of my house and keep it maintained.  I know, I know, she’s 10 days old.  I don’t care, it’s driving me crazy.  Trying to figure all of that out.
  • I do not feel like I’m being a good mom AT ALL to my other three kids.  My tone is short, my mind is focused on Olive and making sure she’s eating, pooping, sleeping & waking enough.  Therefore I know my other kids–and BJ–are suffering.  Please, PLEASE pray this season will pass.  I have got to get control of my tongue and my attitude.
  • Still having some issues with nursing so I’d appreciate your prayers there.  Not sure what’s going on, won’t go into detail.  Just not going as smoothly as I’d like.
  • I am beyond blessed to have such an amazing husband and father to our kids.  He’s unbelievable.  He deserves so much praise.

I’m sure there’s more.  For now, that’s all of honest me.

Onto my other kiddos.  Zoe is absolutely loving having a baby sister.  She wants to hold her all of the time, is constantly concerned with where she is, how she is, what she needs, what I need to do for her, everything.  She is a precious girl.


Judah is totally (or if not totally, VERY close) to being on board with the fact that he has a new sister and not a new brother.  He is very compassionate to her, talking sweet to her.  And he & Zoe have learned to ride their bikes WITHOUT training wheels, so he’s very pumped about that.


And Shiloh.  Oh Shi Shi.  A run for the money.  That’s the only way I know how to describe her.  I love her to death, you know I do, but girl is a whirlwind!!  She changes her clothes every five minutes–LITERALLY.  Any advice on that one to you moms of girls?  I’ve NEVER had a child do this.  She wants to wear mine, Zoe’s & the baby’s clothes.  not her own.  not her dress up ones (usually not, that is).  From one end of the house to the other is a string of Shi’s shoes and all of our clothes.  Another Shi post coming soon, it deserves a post of its own.


And finally Olive.  She’s a sweetie.  A very good baby.  The doctor said her jaundice is looking fine, and it’s really going away.  She’s so perfect and cute.  We got to show her off at church today so that was a lot of fun.  Here are some new ones we took of her.  The knitted cocoon was made by my amazingly talented friend Regi.  It is AWESOME!!  We’d seen some ideas online and she did one for me as a baby gift–completely made her own pattern and everything.  Thank you friend!!


A lot of people, including us, are starting to think she’s looking more like Judah–what do you think?  I still see Shiloh in there but Judah’s there too.  Genetics are so interesting.  More to come soon.

6 thoughts on “dalonga dalonga dalou

  1. I guess i am one of the ones in the “looking like judah” category. i just noticed it in another pic i saw of her! crazy, what a great mixture of both kids/parents.
    i was just reading last night about how at 12 weeks gestation, a female baby has all the eggs she will ever produce for child bearing. maybe that is why pregnancy with girls is so much for hormonal and sick! geez, i have enough hormones for my ownself without housing someone elses for 10mos. but could explain some of the after effects too. i know #3 was hard for me, so i will see what lucky #4 brings.
    thank goodness we have great support and a BIG GOD! i know cliche but His strength and not our own, learning that more every day!

  2. I LOVE that first shot of Olive, Aubin..Regi did a great job, the colors are great too! I feel the same way you do on so many levels, and I only have 2! Keeping up with a 2 year old and a newborn has been quite the change for me..I just need sleep more than anything…haha! Too late for that now I guess!! Hang in there..this too shall pass! 🙂

  3. Well, I agree with looking like Judah. I think kind of solemn…

    Your family pictures are beautiful, you sure do not look like you had another baby.

    I’ve already said it, yes, hormones are worse after each, and it is impossible to get your home in the order you are craving right now, especially when all other “routine’s” are not probably not going as smoothly since sweet Olive arrived.

    I’ll be praying for the nursing thing. Although, from her photos, she looks healthy. 🙂

    And, lastly, I can’t wait to see more of your photos, I think she looks so cute in cocoon and wrapped in the other fabrics.

  4. loved the post. I loved the las vegas movie too… no worries.. and I wasn’t even hormonal.
    I will be praying for you. 4 kids is a lot and I get stressed with 2… so I can only imagine.. but lord willing, I’ll be there someday and i’ll be asking you for all your wisdom.
    I will be sending you something soon.. just fyi.
    thanks for being honest and your kids are ADORABLE… such a cute fam God has given you. I miss you and I’m about to hop in my car and drive down there…but I’ll let your hormones cool down a bit 🙂 ha!
    see ya! carm

  5. First I loved that movie!!!! Tim and I went on a date night!

    Secondly you are an amazing woman and mother. You are doing a great job and I can only imagine it gets stressful. Anything that is new, even a child is stressful and a new adjustment. You will do fine (of course I have never had 4 kids…but I am trying to be motivational here).

    Olive is amazingly beautiful like all the other kids. I am in awe at the beauty you and your man produce.

    The whole clothes thing….AHHHHH! Cayden is the same.

    I have had to put limits because of ALL the laundry I am doing. And now we are trying to sell our house so the mess has to be minimal. Cayden is a fashion diva and definitely has her own style. You will have to decide when you have had enough of the changing and then give her options or a “change your clothes drawer”. A place she can open and get into as many times as she wants, but the other drawers have to stay untouched. That works well. I do it for Cobe on play clothes after the third pair of BRAND NEW pants he put a whole in. Now he knows what he can play in and what is for church and school.

    I love you Aubin. You are inspirational!!!!!

    We will pray for your family! Tell Zoe I think about her every time I put my ornaments on my tree (them being Cinderella).

  6. Aubin!!! Congrats on sweet baby Olive!!! She is beautiful!!!!!! I LOVE your pictures! Sorry I am just now getting around to the congratulating part….it’s been a bit busy around here! 😉

    Love you girl, and I am praying for you and those “nursing issues”. I had several with Jack, but he slowly came around. He’s still not the most efficient, but he gets by! 🙂

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