new prayer request

Hello everyone.  The proud mama part of me really wants to post about our sweet baby Olive–and just to let you know, she is doing great.  But I was recently sent information about a baby born about a week before Olive who desperately needs all of our prayers.  If you can, PLEASE take the time to click to the right on the “pray for Jonah” button.  His desperate fight for life will break your heart–and yet we NEED to be standing in the gap for this family.  I am so burdened for them.  And no, I do not know them personally.  A friend emailed me an email she had received.  I was first interested in their story because this family’s first baby, Gabe, was stillborn.  BJ’s sister, Aimee and her husband Jay lost their first baby, Micaiah, inutero.  Ever since then, I am drawn to stories about people who have gone through similar experiences.

But now that I see this family has had a second son and he is ALIVE and FIGHTING for his life, I just cannot help but tell those of you who do not know about it to please check out this site and pray for them.

Also, if you were a part of the facebook group who was so sweet to pray for us while Dad was in the ICU and you have sent gas money or giftcards–thank you thank you thank you!!  We have been beyond blessed.  If you planned on helping us in that way, and have not done so yet, we are asking you to PLEASE send what you would’ve sent to us to this family.  You can find their mailing address on this page of their blog. We are so grateful for your giving and yet we do not have near the need for those gifts at this point and this family does.

Thanks again for your prayers for Jonah.

One thought on “new prayer request

  1. oh my gosh, i just read just a smidge to try and catch on to what was happening…i cannot even imagine. thank God that He gives us the strength we need and moves on our behalf. i will keep them in my prayers. thanks for sharing.

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