backposting…and not ashamed

I have finally uploaded and edited all of my pictures since November and I’ve decided I am going to not be afraid to post some of those pictures because I had every intention of doing it back then and just didn’t get around to it–surely those of you who have families and blog can relate?  Anyone, anyone?  Anywhoo, here we go.  We promised to send this picture to BJ’s parents so long ago it’s embarassing, so here it is guys–Judah’s birthday present.  All of Judah’s family went in together to pitch in $$ for BJ to build this for his 5th birthday.  I think it turned out so great and the kids love it.  It looks perfect out here on the hill at Granny & Grandpa’s, just like it’s always been here.  sidenote–I found the slide at the city trash dump!  I was pretty excited about that considering those things are expensive!img_2438

This is Zoe at the end of November.  She drew all of this on her own (meaning I didn’t guide her to draw “biblical” things)  She has always had a very sensitive heart toward the Bible and she really loves to draw so I was very impressed with all she came up with.


Hopefully you can see everything, I’ll try to explain:  the bottom left corner is Jesus on the cross crying out to God and the soldiers all around him; the one above that is Mary, Joseph & Jesus and the star in the sky; to the right of that Mary telling the angel of God she will do whatever God wants in regards to giving birth to Jesus; to the right of that is the last supper (absolutely love all the different tables!) and beneath that you have to start at the very bottom–it is Moses’ mom putting him in the river, follow it to the right and up and over and that is where the Princess of Pharoh is there to get Moses.

Isn’t that awesome?!  I love that I took the time to take a picture of this drawing, it’s so precious to me.

Here is Judah man with his drawing of the monster truck,  “BLW FDR” aka “Blue Thunder”.  I love the way kids phonetically spell in the beginning!


And finally here is Shi Shi with our cat, Socks.  Shiloh loves to squeeze her, it cracks me up.  Socks has absolutely no choice in the deal.


2 thoughts on “backposting…and not ashamed

  1. this last one reminds me vaguely of myself at that age. cabbage patch clothes, kitties, and stroller somehow rings a bell. oh and i keep meaning to say I LOVE THE GREEN CARPET! i feel like it adds such awesome color in the background of your pics. love you

  2. love, love, love thepic updates, and love the awesome Biblical drawing that Zoe made! I only hope that my girls have the understanding and the memory of those Bible stories to draw, or even talk about, such things…I think that just drives home how you guys are really teaching them what’s important–God’s Word. Love you.

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