We have a new phrase in our house…SHILOHism.   This is because of the “spicy” comments coming from our sweet little princess.  Tonight in the bath Shi was getting upset with BJ because she didn’t want her hair washed.  BJ said, “suck it up, Shiloh” and Shiloh responded, “NO, suck YOU up”.  Am I the only person who thinks this is hilarious?  Obviously not when she’s 13, but for now I’ll laugh, even if under my breath.  BJ said to me, “this is NOT our daughter who is going to get walked all over!”  Amen to that!


8 thoughts on “SHILOHism’s

  1. Too funny! I can’t believe Shiloh and Abigail are already 2 and 1/2!
    Thanks for the encouragement, and please now that Mike and I are praying for you family. I know this is a hard time, but at least you are surrounded by your family. I have found that there is no better place to be then with your family in both good times and bad. Take care of yourself and the baby. I can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. I am laughing so hard! Will is 3 and kills us with the “spice” that comes from his mouth. I dont know who would make me laugh if I didnt have him. Thanks for the post. We are stil praying for you and your dad.

  3. HIlarious! We love the purple shirt with butterfly, btw:) Adison loved looking at Shiloh’s picture online…and she loved the shirt. Then I reminded her that we gave it to Shi and she just smile and smiled…so cute. So fun to see the kids ont he blog–Adison likes to keep up withyou all too! We miss you…

  4. Totally think it is hilarious! Again…now, not ten years from now. You are so right, there is such a similarity in looks with chloe and Shi! There are days I wish I would remember to write down all the funny things she says. Chloe is a DETAILS person and a steal trap if you tell her something she NEVER forgets. I know this will be a blessing and a curse someday. Shilohs hair is so silky and beautiful. I can’t believe #4 is almost here!!! You look radiant pregnant and always have. Waiting eagerly for you all.

  5. She is so awesome and adorable-all your kids are the best. I love that look, Shi’s personality so much reminds me of Lizzie. And if that is the case, she isn’t going to quiet down any. 😉

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