so many changes

Over the past couple of weeks I have spent the majority of my time blogging about my Dad.  I decided tonight I needed to at least post some pictures on this blog, even if I don’t write very much.  Not everyone may be looking at the other one, you know?  (although he’s only had a blog for a little under 2 weeks and he has pretty much way surpassed my blog hits–and he won’t even know what a blog is!!  grrr…. 🙂 )

Here’s the first big news–Zoe lost her first tooth!!  We have been waiting since it was time for this tooth to come out.  And with a little loving help from Daddy, it did.  The tooth fairy brought her $3 which everyone seems to think is a grand deal–please note this figure is only for the first tooth–ONLY!  It’s quarters from here on out (so I’ve been told…)  Here’s our big girl–I cannot believe she’s old enough to have lost a tooth, it’s crazy.  852-copy

BJ has been such an awesome husband and Daddy since all of this happened with my Dad–and I know none of us are surprised.  He’s just been absolutely wonderful.  Before the wreck he & my brother were working on this gun, building the stock (I think that’s the right wording!).  The gun was our Grandpa’s.  Anyway, this “man shot” just cracks me up.  It has been a ton of fun with Adam & his family coming over more to hang out.


BJ also took Judah & Malachi to the Monster Truck show at the Sprint Center on the Saturday after the wreck.  Dad, Adam, Talan, BJ, Judah & Chi were suppossed to all go together; obviously it didn’t work out that way.  So since the boys were sooo excited, he took them.  The boys cheered for “Bounty Hunter” and BJ irritated them by rooting for “Grave Digger” (BJ even bought a flag, I am not kidding).  I know they had an awesome time, although Judah did say, “They’re really not that big of trucks”–could this be due to the cheap nose bleed seats we bought??837-copy

This is Judah with his Valentine’s Day box for school that he & BJ did together.  I thought it turned out so cute.


Shiloh has been quite the riot lately with her little personality.  We have been informed, like the peasants we are, to call her “Princess”.  No joking–if we say “Shiloh, come here” she will laugh like we’re being oh so foolish and say, “No, call me Pincess” (purposefully left off the “r” there).  It’s hilarious.  On the not so hilarious side, she’s been saying “Shut your mouth” and then when I tell her to go sit on her bed and wait for her spanking she yells, “ALL RIGHT, COME ON” sort of like “bring it on, mom”.  Wow, this girl is FULL of spice.  There really are no words.  Direct the passion, direct the passion.


As for little baby & I we are counting down from 38 weeks tomorrow.  I cannot believe how fast this final part is going, I’m sure so much of it, if not all, of it due to Dad’s accident.  We took these a week ago because I knew I would be so disappointed if I didn’t do it in spite of the chaos.   I actually don’t hate them, which is a pregnancy first.  Little guy or girl will be here before I know it.  We’re excited but also really hoping and praying Dad is out of the ICU before the baby is born so he can see the baby (no one under 10 allowed in the ICU).



As for everything else, we’re doing really well.  Everyday we stand amazed that Dad is alive–what an amazing thing to be a part of witnessing a true miracle.  We could not be more grateful that we are here in Kansas and able to help in whatever way needed.  Please continue to pray for his full recovery.  We are still not sure how different life is going to be for him and for those of us around him.  We are just trusting God for none of this to have been in vain.  Also pray for our kids and Dad’s other grandchildren, Malachi & Talan.  This wreck has affected them all more than we know and it’s so hard at times to be able to know how to help them when we’re spending so much time at the hospital.  Thank you so much for my faithful family and friends who pray, write and encourage us along the way.  We are so blessed.

4 thoughts on “so many changes

  1. i love it all…i cant even begin to comment in a restrained way here…so i will email, but wanted to let you know that i saw your sweet posts and i miss my beautiful family!!!

  2. Aubin, Aubin…you are so amazing! You’re doing so great, just hanging in there with everything going on…looking so absolutely stunning being 9 MONTHS FRIKKIN PREGNANT! Oh my gosh…(If I didn’t love you so much I’d want to hit you in the face! ha, ha:) seriously, thanks for the update on everyone–Zoe’s tooth (big girl!), Malachi and Judah growing up and BJ being so awesome, Shiloh’s ‘tude (bring it on, girl!), and just everything. Can’t wait to see the baby. Praying for your dad. Love aud

  3. I’m so glad to hear an update on your family. You are all in our thoughts and prayers often. It’s nice to hear about your “normal” life and feel connected to you guys. Love you all!

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