If you read this post of mine, you know that God did something so amazing and blessed us with an incredible gift from a friend.  Since that post there’s been a little more giving going around and I wanted to share about it.  The dictionary defines abundance as this:


1. an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply: an abundance of grain.
2. overflowing fullness: abundance of the heart.

What I find so awesome about this definition is it’s relation to food, or grain, considering the main thing I plan on using our mixer for is bread and the other item God gave to another friend of ours was a grain mill.  The third thing (read below) was in reference to “bearing fruit”–are we noticing a food theme here?  Must be something to it, huh?

Anyway, once I realized what Kelly had done for us, I knew immediately we were supposed to take the money we’d been saving for the mixer and pass it along to someone else.  It is SOOOOOO much better to give than to receive.  This lesson has to be taught to me over and over because by nature, I am not a giver.  But God has done a huge work in my heart, first by my being born to extremely giving parents and then topping it off by my marrying one of the most giving men in the world.  I used to have dreams before we got married about him giving everything we owned away–but that’s for another post!  Here’s what God led us to do.  I say this not because I want everyone to pat me on the back–I say it to encourage those of you who may be like me, not a natural giver.  God’s releasing me from holding tightly to materiel things has so freed me!!

Then, today I received this email from Kelly about what God had done for her.  My sister & brother-in-law, Jay & Aimee Henderson truly blessed her!  They’ve given to us before in huge ways, one of them being passing along an Explorer.  Yes, the vehicle.  Pretty crazy, huh?!  Anyway, God’s doing some awesome stuff.  Here’s what Kelly asked me to post on here:

I have said it once and I’ll say it again, “You cannot out give God.”  I gave something to a friend a week ago and yesterday, I was overwhelmed with God’s abundance.  Jay & Aimee Henderson brought us a wonderful meal of chicken and dumplings, beans and cobbler; they shared  their meal, their family and their time with us.  And if that wasn’t enough…to top the evening off…Jay presents us with one of his huge pieces of art that I have been eyeing since his art show last year.  I loved this painting for many reasons.  First of all the artwork itself; it is a tree; (Jay says it is the root ball of a tree; he got underneath and took a picture of it and then painted it from the picture).  At the art show, I remember there being several angles of trees and branches, and next to them there was a sign that said, “I am the vine and you are the branches.”  An important verse for me to remember.  For the completion of that verse says, “If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”  Yes, apart from Him I can do nothing.  And last night, while Jay was hanging it, yes he hung it too!  I was thinking of Psalm 1 that speaks of blessings to those who delight in the Word of God that they will be like a  tree planted by streams of water that will yield fruit in season and that what they do will  prosper.  And another favorite of mine from Romans is that we as Gentiles are grafted  into the olive shoot.  This work of art has so much meaning to me.  It is hung high in our  family room.  I can look up and it remind me of where to abide and to whom I belong, but it will always make me think of a sweet, young family that is walking this journey out with passion and purpose.  I love the Henderson’s!  Thank you and may God return it to you a hundred fold!

Pretty cool huh?  From Georgia to a couple of stops in Kansas and to Georgia again, God is at work.  I just want to challenge you with your giving–if you tend to hold things tightly like I have for so long, release your grip a little and watch God do a work you never would’ve imagined.

2 thoughts on “abundance

  1. kelly sent me that email…yeah i didnt know she asked you to share it with everyone! i totally agree, it is more blessed to give than to receive. our lives have been overwhelmed with gifts of love and time from others it is only a small portion that we are able to give back.

  2. Hi Aubin,
    I wrote on here once before and hadn’t looked at your blog since then, I think, but something made me think of it, and when I found the URL in the websites my computer remembers (for some reason- haven’t figured out this thing yet:), I just couldn’t believe what you had written. I have been struggling for months with God because I believed the Lord was telling me to increase our giving to a certain percentage; I’ve also been praying and begging him that he would help us to get out of debt completely. The debt was not going down, and I was wrestling with the idea of giving MORE when I felt like I didn’t have enough. I finally gave in last week and just wrote out a check. I told God that if he wanted me to continue giving that amount, that he would have to just provide us with enough to pay all our bills and feed ourselves. And this week when my husband got paid, I wrote out that check first, then paid bills, and for some reason– I haven’t figured this out– we had the exact same amount we usually do. All I can say is, we serve an AMAZING God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and He can and will bless us for giving back what He has blessed us with!! I know now that He’s been waiting for me to submit to His will before He pays down our debt; but He’s always provided for us, and He always will!! And He’ll do the same for you– I’m learning He loves it when we are selfless! (I’m not a natural giver either. Obviously. ) “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matt 6:21

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