Loved the comment left from “Jason” regarding President Bush’s legacy on foxnews.com.  I’m so grateful for President Bush’s leadership.

He was a real life “Dark Knight”, he wasn’t the hero we wanted, but the hero we needed him to be. If it means he takes a lot of grief from the nation he’ll take it because he can. So go ahead and get on his case if you want to because when its all said and done he had no choice, but to act after 9/11. And now that everybody has forgotten the pain, anger, and patriotism left from that day they want to call him a war monger and whatnot. He takes all the name calling, jokes, hatred, SHOES because, he HAS to, for the good of the country, he has to. Lastly, since 9/11 have we been attacked again on our soil? Somehow nobody seems to want to blame THAT on him…

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