from God’s blessing…to this

Sometimes I scare myself with how one minute I can be so completely blown away by God’s goodness in my life and the next minute I’m blogging about the Golden Globes.  Oh well, this is me.  I just found this review of this girls dress hilarious so I had to share it.  You can find the original here.


Rue Madeleine: Given that Madeleine Martin is only 15, it doesn’t seem at all fair to call her out for her red carpet choices. However, we’d like to have a private word with the person who dropped her off at the Golden Globes in this puff-sleeved, bleach-stained frock accented with an eyesore of a bow-tied belt. Pssst, hey, over here … OK, here’s the deal … Madeleine is cute as a bug’s ear, and we think she’d be even cuter without the whole “Alice in Wonderland becomes BFFs with Wednesday Addams and the crawling girl from ‘The Ring‘” thing she’s got going on. Look, we get it. She plays a be-banged goth teen on “Californication.” But come on, that shouldn’t stop us from heading over to Hot Topic right this very minute and finding her some age-appropriate clothes, preferably ones that won’t get her singled out by grumpy grown-ups who write about awards show fashion.

On another note, if I could look like anyone in the world, I pick her.  Seriously–GORGEOUS.

Actress Eva Mendes arrives at the 66th Annual Golden Globe Award

I hope you feel blessed after this inspirational, meaningful and worth all my time post.

2 thoughts on “from God’s blessing…to this

  1. I love your spirituality, that what makes you so “gorgeous”.
    Looking forward to seeing pictures of the new little “skipper”. Hope everyone is well. Blessings to you all.

  2. Thanks Jeanne! Good to know not everyone will judge me by my occasional references to things that really DON’T matter. We miss the Chandler’s! Thanks for the baby love–we’re ready for him/her to be here.

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