Do you ever have one of those moments when someone does something for you and you just don’t even have the words??  Today I experienced one of those moments.

So, I’ve been saving birthday and Christmas $$ to buy a mixer, not just any mixer, but the granddaddy of all, the  Electrolux Assistent.  It’s pretty amazing with all it can do.  (read stats below if you really care).  So I put the word out I was wanting to buy one, and I’d totally love to buy one used.  Well, a friend told me of another woman who might be willing to sell theirs.  Her name is Kelly and she was my Bible Study leader the whole time I was in Georgia.  She is amazing and is so knowledgeable about the Word.  So, she had to think about it (whether or not she wanted to sell it or not).

I’m back in Kansas now, shoot her an email and see what she’s thinking about selling it.  She asked me for my address–and I couldn’t figure out why.  Then the wheels started turning and I realized she was trying to send it to me–FREE!  Um…no, you can’t have my address.  So she got sneaky and got the address herself.  Today, I received in the mail my “used” mixer.

HOLY CRAP–IT’S BRAND NEW!!!!!!!!!!! (yeah, I said that)

She did NOT send me her old mixer, friends.  She bought me a brand new one!!  I really do not even know what to say right now.  I am SHOCKED.  Her giving just reminds me of how much more giving I need to be.  Who does that?!  Someone who does not view $ as their own, who has a giving heart, a Godly heart.  I need more of that.  And I’m sure her husband was a part of all of this, too, so I do not want to leave him out.

I also know that in all of this, her desire was to honor and bring glory to God–she would hate that I’m even mentioning her name, but I just can’t help it.

so anyway, I can’t get the picture to load into this post, but you can check it out here if you want to see her beauty (the mixer, not Kelly, although Kelly is a Heather Locklear look alike).

Engineered by Electrolux of Sweden, the Electrolux Assistent® has established a record in Europe as the most durable, reliable and versatile bread maker-mixer available.  Electrolux machines have been a favorite on the European market for over fifty years.  There is no other mixer on the American market, domestic or imported, which compares to the Electrolux Assistent® in function, design or workmanship.  The Electrolux Assistent® is ideal for making bread and for ALL of your general mixing requirements, especially when combined with any of its several optional attachments (see below). Features:

  • 7 QUART Stainless steel bowl holds up to 15lbs. of dough
  • Dough Capacity ……………………………….up to 15 lbs/6.8 kg

6 thoughts on “amazed

  1. oh, my gosh…i was amazed when i thought she was sending you hers for free. but to go and order you a NEW one. i too have been blessed by this incredible woman’s generosity, i feel so lucky to be under her wing right now. the blessing of a Godly woman

  2. Ha ha Shane! You WILL be envious if I make some amazing dessert and don’t allow you to have any–aha! I guess if it doesn’t make baked beans or “pig soup” it’s not up your alley!! but thanks for the congrats in spite of your sarcasm 🙂

  3. ohh my goodness! that was such a touching story…who knew that GOD’s love can even be displayed in a mixer? amazing!

    i can absolutely share your enthusiasm about a household appliance, however. my family got me a red kitchen aide mixer a couple of months ago and i was so GIDDY about it. heck, i am still giddy about it. i made sour dough bread last night and i squealed a bit when i turned the mixer on…ahh. the simple things in life!

    congrads aub on your new mixer. i know you two will make wonderful breads and cookies together 🙂

  4. Aubin (and BJ) this is so incredible, but your generosity and hearts are just as amazing. THANK YOU for passing on the blessing. My brand new Nutrimill is looking all lovely on the counter right now and I’m the one feeling overwhelmed with love. Thank you!

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