I cannot believe I haven’t posted since the beginning of November; just sort of a glimpse into my life.  I totally see this blog as an outlet for me and a way to keep people informed on my life; and yet, the fact that I haven’t gotten to it totally proves that I feel pretty out of sorts right now.  But, something random and cool–I’m typing this blog post on my new laptop 🙂  I have wanted a laptop forever and the right deal came along, which is pretty cool, so now we’re very blessed.

Anyway, in regards to the video above–many of you may have already seen it and are possibly even participating in the Advent Conspiracy with your church.  I came upon this last year right after Christmas and was so impacted by it that BJ & I just knew that we had to be a part of it.  Now this year, we have the opportunity to lead the youth in our church and it just seems like a great way to get them and our whole church involved.

So the beginning of Advent (November 30) we had a church service and kinda launched this whole Advent Conspiracy thing.  I encourage you to check out their website.  Even if you cannot contribute on a large scale there are so many practical things you can do right in your own home to make Christmas more meaningful.

Our church is choosing to raise $5000 to dig a fresh water well that will give 500 people water for life.  This is a huge, God-sized task, considering the size of our church.  But we felt like we needed to make our goal high enough that we couldn’t reach it on our own, thus involving God (novel idea, huh?  yet such a struggle in my own life)

We passed out glass ornaments filled with water as a reminder of two things:  the water so many people need in order to physically survive and the LIVING water we all need to spiritually survive.

I also just want to give credit to my mom who has totally taken this idea to heart.  She is taking each one of her grandkids (seven of them!) and is spending a special time with them.  She cooked their favorite meal, they made a present together for the parents, and she has shared with them how she & my stepdad are giving to the well project.  I have been so personally blessed by her “getting it” and stand very convicted to carry on what she’s started.


So check it out…Advent Conspiracy.  merry christmas

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  1. I’ve missed you! It’s great to be challenged by you once again. I’ve not heard of the Advent Conspiracy before and am going to get onto my sister for not mentioning it. I love it! And wow, your mom is awesome. What a cool grandma!

  2. Aubin,

    This is so neat and I love the idea. It is so true that we need to be loving more like Jesus and giving like Jesus. We live in such a world that is always in the fast lane so the time issue is a big one. Giving of our time is so important, but so hard to do sometimes. What Debi is doing is so special as she is showing to love like Jesus and also showing her grandchildren that spending time with each other and doing special things together is the best gift of all. I agree, what a cool grandma and I love her lots. That is a great picture of the cool grandma too and Shiloh is just too cute. This is a very special thing you and BJ are doing to help others.

    Aunt Patty

  3. Aubin, how did I miss this post? The idea rocks, you and BJ rock (well your whole family), your church is rockin’ and your Mom rocks!! Debi, you are awesome!

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