favorite things

Life’s been a little busy lately, thus the lack of blogging. Just a little snippet of my life:

  • BJ was gone to Oklahoma for six days (all missions pastors wives, single moms, etc.–hats off to you. I’m in complete need of my husband’s presence ALL THE TIME.)
  • One emotional breakdown resulting from the above
  • Started homeschooling all three children. “But I thought Zoe was the only one of school age?” you ask. Yes, however, I myself wasn’t prepared for the “interest” all of my kiddos would have in it! It’s super cute, just not quite what I expected. I’ll post pictures soon.
  • Still not completely unpacked from recent move (have I even talked about that?!)
  • Launching a new youth program at church
  • Driving an hour and twenty minutes three days a week to shuffle Judah to & from preschool
  • Planning Zoe’s b-day party with her little girlfriends tomorrow
  • Planning Shi’s b-day party for when I get back from Georgia
  • Preparing to photograph a wedding in Georgia next weekend
  • Fighting off yeast & bladder infections (more info than you wanted I’m sure) and gallbladder junk.
  • 16 weeks pregnant (could’ve probably just put that at bullet number one and called it a list!)
  • Raising three kids, loving a husband and trying to run an “orderly” home (full of wonderful meals, baked goodies, precious time & moments together, etc.). Ask how that’s working for me right now??
  • and I know there’s more but I’m tired of hearing about it myself.

Wah wah (that’s a cry sounds). Well, sorry. Just had to spew a little. I don’t think I’m usually a big complainer but the past couple of weeks have been rough. Each of those bullets has a great story to go along with it but I just don’t have the time today!! I’m gonna get there (someday) though. I believe it. I will get settled in this house, that’s a promise.

For now, I leave you with a few favorite things from our oldest, Zigga Zoe. When the topic of decorating came up I credited her love (and mine) of decorating to Grama Debi, who if you’ve ever been to their house you know has great decorating style. On the heels of that,

Zoe says, “These are the things I love. Decorating, cooking and eating.”

I laughed out loud! Eating?! Oh a girl after my own heart. Love love love the joy she brings to our house. Those are some of my favorite things too (if she was totally able to read everything right now she’d say that too!). And Mom, listing two out of three of your favorite things isn’t bad, hey Grama?!

So that’s it for today. All you readers (five of you), don’t give up on me! I’ll come around.

10 thoughts on “favorite things

  1. aub,it sounds like everyone’s september has been a bit hectic and crazy. i will continue to pray for you and your family.
    hang in there girl. i don’t think we have lost a mommy yet from exhaustion [even though some days i feel like i could be the first one and i only have coop!]
    also, good luck on the wedding…

  2. Hey Aubin! I was thinking about you today…(Tandy took some pictures of the boys, that led me to thinking of photography, which led me to thinking of you) Anyway, I wanted to check your blog to see what you were up to….Well, it looks evident what you’ve been “up to”…CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy! You have the most beautiful family, and you’re making the world a prettier place by bringing another baby into it. Sorry about the whole “missing BJ” thing. I know that is hard. Paul’s been traveling much more now and I’m still adjusting. Will always sleeps with me in my bed when he’s gone. As if he’s gonna protect me or something, but I sleep better if I’m not alone. And, an hour and 20 minutes to pre-school??? Oh wait, I thought you were home schooling…I just started that with Will this year. If you ever want to talk, call me. Or I’ll call you, instead of leaving a freaking BOOK in your “comments”. Sorry. 🙂 Have a better day. And know that there is more than 5 readers who read your posts. Keep up the good work!

  3. i knew things were busy and i have been praying for you…you can catch up on blog and rest and love from family (at least long distance) while you are here with us! we cant wait to see you.

  4. We could totally have a whine fest. I am not pregnant or moving, but so many others of those I echo and of course all the photography…blessing and a curse! I am beyond stressed right now and trying to figure out what to stop focusing on because it isn’t worth stressing my marriage and losing time with my kids! Let’s pray for each other.

  5. Zoe is quite the little decorator herself, isn’t she? How she loves to reposition Grama’s “pretties”! Sorry about the cooking, but I DO love to eat – just wish someone else would cook it! You are doing an amazing job with all that goes on in your life – I’m very proud of you.

  6. I know what you mean about needing your husband. I am a basketcase when Ron is an hour late from work, then I think there are women whose husbands are gone for months and months at a time. I need to chill out. But thank the Lord we love being with our husbands. That in itself is a blessing.

    “Raising three kids, loving a husband and trying to run an “orderly” home (full of wonderful meals, baked goodies, precious time & moments together, etc.). Ask how that’s working for me right now?? ”

    I also totally hear you on this. Totally.

    Anyway, I agree with your mom, you are doing an amazing job with all that goes on in your life.

    You may say how do I know when I am hundreds of miles away and haven’t seen you in over a year and really have only hung out with you like three times in my life? I just do. I can tell. I really can.

  7. I’m a reader too! Count me in the numbers!
    (Okay, I know you’re not really counting…who has time for that?!)

    I always love hearing about your life. You are so real! I miss you!

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