how did…

How did THIS guy

Grow up so quick into THIS guy???

Yep, our big man started preschool this week. BJ & I got all teary eyed getting ready to send him off. For some reason he seems so much younger than Zoe did when she went last year (my Mom tells me there is always the tendency to think of the “oldest” child as so much older than they really are–I completely agree.)

Anyway, he was brave & strong and walked right into his class, which is an awesome little Christian preschool nearby. The only thing he asked before he got out of the truck was, “Momma, is it okay to be embarrassed?” I asked him if he was feeling nervous and he said a little. But it didn’t stop him from walking right on in. Never mind the fact that he is the cutest little guy in the whole world and the backpack that is similar to his Daddy’s–well, sorry for all you name brand poo pooers–I’m a sucker (a sucker who bought it at Marshall’s, I might add). But my love for certain brands and fashion is for another post. For now, check out our little guy–we sure do miss him during the day!

could this picture look more like the humiliation I’m sure he was feeling as I took his picture outside his school?! Ha!

And for a little sista love…

a little naked shout out to the school Grammy Dot teaches at (and where Maimee graduated from high school!)

Our little animal lover. She had a snake the other day and kept saying “Nake go poo poo” awesome

And our Zigga Zo–big girl with a big smile. She starts homeschooling next week (after I unpack everything we need–ahh! the joys of moving). I’m sure that adventure will bring on some blog posts.

Enjoy your day (and yes I am posting at 4:30 AM since I’ve been up since 2 and can’t sleep–what the heck?!)

5 thoughts on “how did…

  1. Wow- I can’t believe how big the kids are getting! Awesome pictures of awesomer kids:) Hope to see you guys when you’re down.

  2. Judah looks so cute in the pictures and so do the girls. I always think pictures make them look older, too. He is a doll and just as sweet on the inside as he is on the outside (says an unbiased grandma!). I agree they are growing up way too fast – but I’m so glad you are living close and I can enjoy them.

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