honesty of a child

You always hear about how you get total honesty from the mouth of a child. And when you have kids, it’s totally confirmed. It’s why when we’re in a store and I see my kids get that look in their eye like they’re going to ask a question I might want them to whisper, I quickly rush and say “whisper to Mommy what you’re thinking”–for example–Standing in line with Zoe & Judah at Old Navy a couple of years ago, our cashier was sort of a “Pat” if you will. Zoe is staring & staring and then just says very loudly, “Mommy, why is she a he?” Oh dear Lord. That’s just an example.

Well, we always have said Zoe is the truth teller and she is, but this little guy, he delivers truth in such a “guy” way, if you will. Straight to the point, no explaining, no taking it back. TRUTH.

So yesterday, we’re all four sitting on the couch and Judah is playing this little game with Zoe–he whispers something in my ear and Zoe gets to guess what it is. Fun enough.

First comment in my ear, sweet Judah man saying, “You’re beautiful” (which sounds like you’re beeuuuutiful)–oh he’s so precious. And to him, that is the truth, I am beautiful (not claiming I am here, but I know he believes it with all his sweet heart, my pregnant nastiness and all!!)

Zoe responds, “I know what you said. You said she’s beautiful.” “How did you know?”, says Judah. “Because you always tell her that.” More points scored for the son category for Judah.

Next, he whispers, “You’re funny.” Again, I’ll take it. If you know me well, you know I love if people think I’m funny. Thrive on it, I’m weird, whatever. This me. Unfortunately, Zoe didn’t guess this one (mental note: crack more jokes with Zoe).

And finally, the real kicker…in my ear, his sweet little precious voice says…”You’re hairy.” WHAT?!? He can notice that??? Of course, I couldn’t leave it there. I just had to ask–“why do you think Mommy’s hairy?” His response, kind of like he can’t believe I have to ask because it’s soooooo obvious, “Just look at your arms!!” I am the hairy family freak, apparently, and I didn’t even know it. I mean, come on, BJ is the hairy one.

But seriously, though, I’ve always known I’m hairy. Hairy arms, I bleach my mustache, yada yada yada. It just stung a little coming from a child. But my pride will heal. I mean, not all of us to be hairless like Chris & Aimee–lucky dogs. Thank God for product–and the not so gentle reminder that I’m nowhere near perfect 🙂

6 thoughts on “honesty of a child

  1. well, if everyone believes that hairlessness is perfection, than i have arrived! soo sweet, and funny, and embarrassing. i love that he didnt tell me i was hairy today on the phone. i know judah says it to alot of people, but you are beautiful and so are your sweet girls. remember when they used to ask ALL THE TIME “why doesnt baby abigail have any hair? baby shiloh has LOTS of hair!” gotta love it.

  2. One of my students (Kindergarten) leaned towards me today and smelled my knee. Yes, my knee! Then looked up at me in awe and said, “You smell good!” So apparently, my knees smell good at least. :p

    Justice is our kid with the questions. Why does he have earrings on both sides like a girl? Why is her hair pink? Why is his tummy so big? I’ll have to remember the “whisper to Mommy” tip.

  3. I love it! Today we were at the DMV surrounded by a ton of people when Tarin started calling one of them Diego (as in Go Diego Go). Fortunately, the man decided to ignore him even though Tarin looked right at him and said it numerous times. It’s just the beginning. . .

  4. Great post, Aubin! I definitely agree with Judah on the funny and beautiful comment…how sweet is he?! (I mean, heck, I laugh at you! even from all the way over here!)

    A few years ago a kid asked me if I was pregnant. Yep, big ole fat Teecy… kids are so weird sometimes!

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