disgustingly funny

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged–sorry guys, that’s my life these days. But every once in awhile there comes a story or moment in your life where you just need someone else to see the humor in it. Hopefully someone will.

Okay, so our cat, affectionately named by BJ “Goober” was pregnant. She recently gave birth to a very deformed and dead kitten that I gagged at when I saw it (not knowing I was pregnant yet, however, I still might’ve gagged). Anyway, two days ago I look out in our camping chair and there she is, chillin, with FOUR kittens! All alive with no deformities, hallelujah. So needless to say the kids have been LOVING these kittens. Zoe has already named them all: Max, Lenny, Sam & Keeko (don’t even ask, I have NO idea).

Anyway, fast forward to this morning. The ENTIRE family is sleeping in, I’m working on homeschooling stuff and I keep smelling poop somewhere. I’ve checked out every area, flushed the toilet like four times, checked the trash. Since BJ’s asleep on the couch I’m starting to blame him for the nastiness–sorry honey, who else could it have been? Oh friends, it was someone else.

So, I go to get into the shower, and there is POOP IN THE SHOWER COVERED UP WITH A WASHCLOTH! “Zoe, Judah, get in here!” yells Daddy. “Which one of you POOPED in the shower?!” They are incessantly saying it was NOT them. He’s still waiting for the “truth” to come out. Surely, one of them will tell who did it–and then on to greater issues, “WHY did you poop in the shower?!”

But as my pregnant nose was oh so keen, I told BJ, “B, that is not human poop. It smells like cat poop.” So apparently a cat who can stay inside all night without being let out cannot do that two days after having four kittens. Bless her heart, poor Goober.

BEST part EVER: and maybe you just had to be here. I was like, um, maybe we should apologize to the kids for blaming it on them. And BJ goes, okay, yes, kids I’m sorry I blamed you. Then looking at me–“But I’M still having a hard time believing it. Our CAT pooped in the shower and tried to cover it up with a wash cloth?!” It sounds like a lie, but friends, my nose did not lie.

Dang. It just doesn’t sound as funny, but it really was. Easily entertained here, I guess.

5 thoughts on “disgustingly funny

  1. ok, so did the cat really cover up its own poop with a wash cloth?? wow talent, it must not be related to the ones at your mom’s house! i feel bad for the kids, obvious first choices, but really would they do that? i say no. love them

  2. Annette, here, again.:) I could buy that the cat covered it up…cause you know they do that outside and in the litterbox and stuff. But to actually drag a washcloth to it…well, you’ve got a talented little kitty!

  3. Hi:) You don’t know me, but I went to Liberty and we have a mutual friend on Facebook, Tom Nylander. I went to El Salvador with your husband on a short-term missions trip in 1998– I don’t know if he would remember my name. I was just playing on facebook and typed in your name to google because I thought I recognized it, and found your blog. So there, I’ve explained myself. (It’s a little scary how easy we all are to find nowadays, isn’t it?)

    Anyway, I was inordinately amused by this post– I laughed so hard! I have 2 cats, and now that we have kids they don’t get a litter box– they poopie outside. But I know exactly what you mean about the smell of cat poop. It is a very distinct smell from human poop! And once my cat got stuck inside overnight when I was at a friend’s house and stayed the night. Then like a week later I went to sleep in the spare bedroom because my daughter was in the bed with my husband, and I tried to curl up under the covers but kept smelling that very distinctive cat poop smell. I was pregnant with my son and thought it was in my head, but about 1/2 hour later I finally turned on the light and started looking around, and the cat had pooped on the blanket and then folded the blanket over itself. The only reason I didn’t just throw that thing away was because I had just spent like $50 on it. Grrrr. I had to wash it like 3 times.

    Anyway your kids are adorable!! Congrats on your pregnancy!

  4. I believe my cats have just been insulted! (Aimee) But you’re right, they are really disgusting – I’d like to start a new family line – one that doesn’t have alot of incest in it – tee hee

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