celebration of 6

THIS is our Zigga Zoe. She turned six today! Neither BJ or I can believe we have a six year old–it’s really unbelievable. I just wanted to take a little time to brag on her since it’s her birthday (parents don’t usually get to do that without everyone thinking they think their child is perfect so I’m going for it!).

I had always wanted to have a boy first because I never had an older brother and thought that would be cool. And yet when they said Zoe was a girl I KNEW that in my heart I really had wanted a girl all along, if that makes any sense at all. I think maybe I’d just never let myself go there. She has been and continues to be such a joy to us. She’s a very sweet hearted, kind natured little girl who loves to laugh, play, create, imagine and be social! She would be gone doing something from our house everyday if she had a mom who is as social as she is (Chris Cole!). She, of course, has some traits she has to fight against–perfectionism being the top one & an intense love for television–and I quote her–“Daddy, we need to get the collection of DVD’s that children really love.” Is that great or what?

She asked Jesus into her heart when she was 4 1/2–it was one of the most precious moments of my life. She promptly began praying for her brother and sister to do the same. She prayed for her Aunt Maimee’s broken heart hours before we knew that Aimee & Jay’s baby, Micaiah, had died. There are so many more things I could add, things I’ve written down and forgotten (feel free to add them to the comment section, Aimee or Mom!). She is beyond precious to us and we cannot imagine the temperature of our home without her!

So enjoy a journey of pictures of Zoe Alison Jane, our firstborn sweetie!

Zoe Alison Jane, born August 6, 2002 6 lbs 1.9 oz., 18 inches long

could she & Judah look more different here?!

I love this picture but I can’t take credit for it–Jay’s cousin took it.

Faithful friend “Buppy” & her thumb–two pleasures still on the journey with us today!

this one’s great–this her face telling me the blackberries were not quite ready!

There you go–thanks for loving her with me!

10 thoughts on “celebration of 6

  1. gosh it was hard to watch her grow up from a sweet pudgy little baby to a young and beautiful girl in pictures! when does that little baby look fade away? i agree that she is an awesome little girl, and anyone would be happy for their daughter to emulate her. she has had very intriguing discernment and maturity when it comes to spiritual things. i remember the prayer for the cat right before it came out of the tree…sometimes we just have to say i’m sorry even when it is hard…and i cant remember the exact verse but after we lost micaiah i remember her coming to our house after church and the whole family was there and she had a verse she had learned in church that was something like “God’s way is perfect” with only the innocence that a child can bring to such a simple yet difficult statement. we love her sooo much.

  2. Thank you, aimee. I knew you’d be able to remember some good stories. And yes, “God’s way is perfect” was the first Bible verse she ever memorized, I just had forgotten she said it over there–I am about to cry now! Oh and the sorry statement–maybe I try to block that one out 🙂 Thanks for loving her so much & so well–you always have.

  3. Aww, how sweet. I can tell for the couple of times I’ve been around Zoe that she is a very special young lady. The few times that I’ve been around her have been enough that I would describe her just the way you did. I hope our kids can spend some time together in the near future. I’d love for my kids to have such a great friend. Thank you for sharing your precious stories with us.

  4. Thanks, Joy. And hey, where did the summer go?! I can’t believe it’s over. Ali told me last night Chi isn’t in your class and she was pretty bummed. But yes, let’s hang out soon.

  5. I have a huge lump in my throat right now – the time just goes too fast. But what a blessing to have been a part of her six years. I remember one last hold at the airport after she was born and I had to go back to Kansas. It may sound weird (but maybe not to fellow grandmas), but the realization just hit me then that I wouldn’t see her every move and change like with my own kids on a daily basis. Sweet Zoe was the beginning of this wonderful ride with seven grandkids. She has always had the sweetest nature and just so kind. Even on her birthday last week when I teased her about not getting any presents and she said “that’s okay if I don’t get any”. Wow! I’m sure God has something wonderful in store for her life and I am so very blessed to have her as my precious granddaughter.

  6. So cute. She is beautiful. I love your bragging on your daughter. Rachel and I were talking about her last night and how pretty she is. I love all the pictures.

  7. Aubin, I remember the call from your mom telling me you were in labor and off we “flew” to the airport. I’m pretty sure we got there in record time!! She was so excited!! I can’t believe it’s been 6 years. Don’t blink, because before you know it she’ll be 26!!! God has blessed you and BJ so much. Love you

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