That title makes it sound like this is going to be such a spiritual post. It’s not. I just had to let everyone know my crazy pregnancy dreams have returned. Most of the time, my dreams aren’t SUPER crazy, though, like there’s a little bit of them that seems so realistic. Maybe there were so many dreams last night because I was in bed around 7:00 while Milo & Otis played in the background and my three kiddos were flopping around, doing everything they could to keep themselves and me awake. Anyway, for now, here’s what we have:

  • Me being EXTREMELY RUDE to BJ, yelling at him for nothing, I can still hear the cutting & biting tone of mine
  • Me yelling at a girl in our youth group…AND SLAPPING HER THREE TIMES!! OH my GOSH!! This girl is so sweet, I can’t even believe I dreamt this. Seriously, I need counseling. And in my dream I remember having the thought, “Oh Aubin, now you’ve done it. You could get arrested for this.” Embarassin.
  • Me frantically searching for a hospital in my ninth month, at the last minute trying to figure out where I’m going to have this baby (yes, we’re trying to find a midwife we like. I’m a little bit more nervous, now, since in my dream I was looking for a hospital, yet we’re praying about a homebirth…hmmm).
  • And finally, my favorite–I’m in labor (signs are obvious)…AND THE BABY WILL NOT COME! Not like oh, come on, hold out another hour & he/she will be here. No, it is NOT coming. The bun is in the oven PERMANENTLY. Now THAT is a claustrophobic feeling, my friends. Best part of the whole story here is when I woke up I ran to the bathroom. Apparently it wasn’t labor beckoning me, but the toilet.

So, for now, there we are. I have hit the nauseous, sleepy, cranky stage. And I’m begging God for grace because I do not want to look back at this pregnancy with guilt.

Gotta go, my sweet, sweet husband made me breakfast before he left for work. Yum…egg & sausage casserole. What a man.

4 thoughts on “visions

  1. so sweet of him to make breakfast…i love it. i will keep you in my prayers as i have seen, in my own life:) that each one seems to get harder and i can imagine with 3 little ones to take care of it makes it harder to concentrate! love you.

  2. Ha! Love your dreams! I dreamed once that I gave birth to my little girl, only she came out as a 95 year old woman! I thought, well, it’s not exactly what I was hoping for, but I guess I’ll love her anyway!

    Praying for you and a quick transition through this most awful phase! I think I’d rather be 9 months and waddling around than be in the first trimester!!!

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