the mask

On the heels of glee comes…the mask of pregnancy.

No, it hasn’t shown up yet…yet being the key word here. But my lovely friend always comes around, sometimes not as strongly as others, yet always there. I hate it! I had it the worst with Zoe (as you’ll see below) and it was just embarrassing after awhile. But, I think I might’ve found some hope. Look what I found in one of the books I have, “Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way”:

Yogurt lines your intestines with lactic acid and turns them into a B-vitamin factory for you. In the U.S., it is common for women to have “pregnancy mask”, a brown freckling across the forehead and the bride of the nose, extending out toward the cheeks. In fact, this is so common it is considered a normal occurrence in pregnancy. In countries where women usually eat more dark breads and yogurt, however, this is not common and not considered normal. It is treated as a B-vitamin deficiency.

pg. 33 of Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon

First of all let me just say that describing it as a “brown freckling” makes it sound so sweet. Friends, it’s not. But that’s beside the point–it’s a B-vitamin deficiency?? Why didn’t anyone ever tell me this? Did everyone else know it? Either way, this pregnancy BRING ON THE YOGURT!!

sidenote: okay, this is kinda funny. I have tried to load the picture a couple of times and it just won’t do it. Oh well, maybe my pride doesn’t need a beating for today after all.

2 thoughts on “the mask

  1. i feel your pain, i had it bad when we were pregnant with the girls, and even though it wasnt the summer i felt like i had it a bit with Naomi too. gotta love the humbling nature of parenting.

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