A tornado

Yes, this title could be used to describe my house right now. Even what it looks like after Shiloh leaves a room (we affectionately refer to her as a “whirlwind”!). But it’s neither. The title refers to an actual tornado. I feel so horrible that I am just writing this post but it’s been a little crazy around here (thanks to…yes, a tornado).

So last Monday, June 2, the kids & I were at Ali’s. Ali & Chi came back with us and around 3pm Ali got a phone call saying our Dad’s roof had been blown off and we needed to find him quick to tell him (we knew he wasn’t home). So we made a few calls, mom came to watch the kids and we prayed it wouldn’t be as bad as it sounded. If you remember, or maybe didn’t know, Dad’s house was flooded 2 ft. in last summer, almost one year ago to the day. Well, we drove up and friends, it wasn’t pretty. These pictures will be so hard for you to understand the damage and for the life of me I cannot find a picture of the house beforehand. But it was more than the roof. It was pretty much a lot of the top half of his house, the entire front section, which is his garage. It was awful.

Our Dad is the kind of guy who you want only amazing things to happen to because he is precious. He’s humble and loving and would give everything he owns to someone else without ever mentioning it again. And I mean really never mention it again. It broke my heart to know he was going to have to come home to such a wreck. BJ, who has such a heart for my dad, was there in about 30 minutes. It took all of about 10 more minutes for Dad’s faithful friends to show up.

Everyone started just loading things onto trailers, getting things out of the house because it was still expected to storm more. The guys put a tarp on the house to keep the carpets & cabinets from being ruined.

Really, I wanted to give the background on it all but there’s so much more to the story than this. God’s hand is so sovereign and he really protected our family in more ways than one. In case you didn’t know, up until March we’ve been living with my Dad since moving to Kansas last July. Now, due to my Granny’s death last July and my Grandpa entering himself into a nursing home we have the opportunity to rent out their house.

So….on the day of the tornado (before I knew anything about it) I kept thinking to myself, “Did we jump the gun by moving into the house we’re in now?” Basically, was I just so ready to have our own place that we didn’t wait for God’s timing…I mean, my Grandpa’s house is right up the road from Dad’s. We could’ve moved right into it, but instead we moved several miles away into town. Now granted, at the time, my Grandpa was still living there, but still.

Enter this picture:

You’ll notice these are bunk beds. These are our kids bunk beds. There’s the top bunk and then the sky. Also, the garage is where we would’ve gone for a storm, underneath some heavy machinery of Dad’s. The garage, however, was blown away by the tornado. We would’ve been home during the middle of the day, the kids probably would’ve been in their room taking a nap, and the kids and I would most likely have been seriously injured or killed. Sounds dramatic, but I cannot help but share because God deserves the glory.

Enter 2nd & 3rd picture:

Shiloh sitting with Dad on his bed back in the fall

Dad’s bed blown through the South window. Does anyone find it as hilarious/ironic/sad as Ali & I did that the stupid birdhouse is standing strong there, like nothing even phased it?? I mean, what is that thing made of?!

Again, had it been when Dad was home, I’m sure the same would’ve happened to him, too. God totally protected us! He answered my fears that no, Aubin, you didn’t jump the gun. I was guiding you the whole time. And protecting you.

It’s a little early for Father’s Day, but here’s where I have to give props to my amazing husband and my Dad. BJ worked his butt off all week, spending every evening and even missing work a day and half just to head up the rebuilding of Dad’s house. Dad the same thing. They are so much alike and have a really neat mutual respect for the other one which I so appreciate.

I was convicted more than ever by BJ & Dad’s friends. They dropped everything to help a friend in need. Some of their own homes had been damaged by the storm, but it didn’t matter because they knew Paul (dad) would’ve been there for them. I wonder if people think of me that way? I can honestly say no, I don’t think they do. This is the legacy my Dad & BJ will leave behind–a servant’s heart. Oh I’ve come a long way, but it is a struggle for me to roll my sleeves up and serve. I’ve been so blessed to have amazing friends and be a part of a body of Christ who would do the same. But don’t we all have room to grow? Can’t we learn something from the world about community? I know it’s cliche, but I am thinking about the bar culture. There is real community there.

So let’s roll our sleeves up together and show Christ in a tangible way.

more pics of the damage, in case you’re interested

Dad’s bedroom

side wall of house

back deck view from the back

You can’t really tell from here, but this whole section is supposed to have a garage

Mine & BJ’s old room

The roof distance from roof to house


did I really put this in here? Well, it is freaking hilarious, sorry. Ironically, this was in Dad’s garage.

5 thoughts on “A tornado

  1. i cant believe how bad the damage was…i love your dad, and obviously my brother too. between the sign you posted and Rebecca’s garden, my one sweet memory with your father…he makes me smile. oh, and if you can find it, you should post that pic of bj with your dad when they first met. your dad’s indifference, and bj’s ENORMOUS smile, gotta laugh just thinking of it.

  2. aubin. i am so sorry to hear about your dad’s house but i absolutely understand what you are saying about community. the past week, my son was admitted to the hospital with a blood disease. it was horrible and i could barely function but i was in shock how many people brought us dinner to the hospital. ran errands for us. prayed for us. just called to check up on us. it was such a blessing and it made me wonder, like you, if i am THAT kind of person. a person with a servant’s heart. i know i will continue to pray to be that person and to walk like Jesus would walk.

    thank you for your blog. your words are so beautifully written.


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