sugar & the raw

Picture #1: lettuce from our garden

Picture #2: Sugar bowl hidden in the bathroom, by the toilet

You might be wondering why I’ve posted these pictures and what they have to do with anything at all? Well, the first picture captures everything I want for my kids: Homegrown, fresh, organic, healthy, straight from the soil to our sink lettuce. Spiritually speaking, I want the best for them (obviously). I want them to know God in a real way, to take Him for what He is, to immediately apply His goodness to their lives, taste Him and let Him cleanse their bodies and grow into healthy, strong little people who follow after God.


The second picture is what I battle against everyday: the desire to eat things (sugar) that cause us to get sick, offer nothing of nutrition, cause us to lie to get it even when we know it isn’t good for us and we end up hiding it in the bathroom, underneath the toilet no less! Spiritually speaking again, this is our sin nature, our flesh. Again, quoting Paul, doing the thing we don’t want to do. What we know we shouldn’t do. Yet not being able to control ourselves with the Spirit’s guidance that we’ll hide & lie & even blame others in order to satisfy our cravings.


I got serious there and you know what–it is. But it’s also sort of funny. You see, Zoë has inherited that Skipper sweet tooth disease I told you about awhile back. So much so that when I was giving Shi a bath the other night I noticed the sugar bowl hidden under the toilet. Unfortunately for her, I knew she had put it there. So I gave her the opportunity to tell on herself. Nope. No budging, no confessing, not gonna happen. Not only that, she was blaming Shiloh!! My little 20 month old. That girl is a whirlwind but there’s no way she emptied that sugar bowl. And let me tell you, it was EMPTY. I had filled it that morning, Zoë spent the afternoon on the toilet–I thought she had the bug or something. No, it’s actually called “I ate all the sugararhea” But bless her heart, she just wouldn’t budge and confess. I finally said, Zo, I know you ate it. yes, I did. She broke down but only after me saying I knew she had.

me: “Did you eat ALL of that sugar?”

Zoë: “All but the crusted part I couldn’t get off of the edge.”

OH MY GOSH!! Are you kidding me??? No wonder she was toe-up! Did I just say that?

Now I’m joking, but then it has to go serious again. We’ve got to be proactive with her. Got to figure out a way for her to either have her sweet tooth satisfied in a balanced way or teach her to deny herself. Umm, hello? I have to teach her that? How am I going to teach her to deny herself when that’s a daily struggle for me?? On my knees (again)–why do I stand up, really?

Aimee gave me a great idea of having a special bag of treats for her and if she comes to me in honesty and tells me she’s really wanting to eat sugar that I would give her a treat for telling me. Sort of setting the stage for open & honest communication. I really like that idea. Gonna give it a try. I’m totally open to other people’s thoughts, ideas on how to deal with the good ole sweet tooth!

But more than the sugar, I am burdened for our children to not just have a taste of God, but to crave after Him. To desire Him (lettuce) above all else, above all other things this world (sugar) has to offer. For their battle with flesh to always lose. For the lettuce to top the sugar every stinkin time. And not just for our kids, but for my life, too.

cool side note: those are Zoë’s hands in the lettuce, that picture was taken over a week ago. thought that was kind of interesting, neat little mental picture (or real picture) for me to visually pray through.

4 thoughts on “sugar & the raw

  1. i guess you already know my thoughts on the serious side of things because we talked…i mean i am linked in to the blog!! so i will make a side not, about how clean your toilet and surrounding area look…i know i notice stupid things like that! love ya and the kids. i can empathize with the sweet tooth, i remember saying many a lie over some sort of sugar!

  2. let me just say, your clean toilet does a mother proud! what a great comparison between fresh and flesh – you have a wonderful way with words and insight. Love you! (by the way, remember I told you I used to eat brown sugar out of the bag after school!)

  3. Wow-this is awesome Aubin. I like the idea of the treat bag. We deal with this at our house as well, and I like sugar as much as the kids so this is hard for me too.

    Way to go on the lettuce!!

    I hope we can get together SOON!

  4. I love this post! I struggle with the sweet tooth too. I usually have to have an accountability partner of some sort in order to really be disciplined. and then, I can usually satisfy it with fruit when I have to!
    but, anyway, i love how you tied it in to our spiritual lives!

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