The Bachelorette

The contrast between the previous post & this one is so blatant but sorry peeps–I love me some Bachelorette! I’m actually a few episodes behind because I watch them online but oh well. So, am I the only person that wasn’t that impressed with the guys this time around? I really thought at first they were playing a trick on her. That sounds so mean, but seriously, I think she was thinking the same thing. But a few stood out, in spite of my first thoughts. What is it in me that feels the need to “analyze” and let you know my opinion of these bachelors? Those of you who know me well know I’ve come a long way from my subscription to US Weekly days (although I wouldn’t cancel a subscription if someone gave it to me as a gift–just being honest here).

So, Deanna gets to give her first impressions and now I’m going to follow suit. My top picks are as follows (and yes, I know some of them are gone now) and they’re in order of who I like. Is there one person out there who cares what I think?! Chrissy, please be reading this 🙂 And, for the record, these pictures they have are not good, if you ask me. They are wayyyy to formal looking.

  • Jesse–love him, so great. Can we talk about the fact that he said “home slice” awesome
  • Graham–I liked him a lot. What else can I say?

  • Luke–oh my goodness, he broke my heart, but in a good way. He was so sincere. “just” a country boy?? Oh Lord, send someone to love that guy

  • Patrick–hey, he had good dance moves

  • Jeffrey–this is strictly based on looks

Okay, there’s that. Now for what I was not impressed with:

  • Personal trainer, Greg–he said “ultimate respect” like it was something to be afraid of–and I was!
  • The duck caller guy–don’t try this at home, boys
  • Abs of steel–creepy
  • Lemon kicking guy–maybe if he lost the mullet
  • Deanna on the bootie dude
  • And this isn’t really a bad impression, but that one guy looked just like Mr. Incredible

My guess for the season’s winner is Graham. I like Jesse better but I’m going with Graham.

Well, I’ll meet up with you in smutville once I’ve caught up on my episodes.

4 thoughts on “The Bachelorette

  1. YES! Finally, I’ve found a fellow Bachelorette fan!!! Whooooppeeeee! It’s so hard to explain the show to someone who doesn’t watch and them not think you’re a total smut glutton. I like the guy with the kid. He’s precious! Paul always gets a tad disturbed at just how much I get into the show. Almost as if I’m putting myself in Deanna’s position. Maybe I do a little. Hee hee. The attorney, that is really striking handsome gets on my nerves. He’s too perfect. I’ve got it tivo’d and I’m getting ready to watch right now. Can’t WAIT! I love your blog. I’m a bit of a blog lurker. You’ll have to check out mine. Go to And, you’re growing your own lettuce. I’m impressed! It looks really good too. Tim spoke in church on Sunday about how King David wrote about God’s words being sweeter than honey. I was thinking of that with the sugar story. It really is a good parallel that you made between the two. She’s a “sweet”heart for sure! 🙂

  2. Well, i’m glad i’m not the only one who really thinks about this:). My favorite is Jason(with the kid). This is terrible but when i am pregnant i have dreams about every guy i know and don’t know. Last week after i watched the bachelorette i had a dream that i was dating Jason. Isn’t that weird?!? Todd just loves my dreams. Every morning i fill him in on my night! I like Graham and i think that she will like him more now because he is more of a challenge. Jesse is definitely a sweet guy and i’m glad she is giving him a chance. Mr. Incredible definitely is the most mature and i don’t think she sees what she could be missing out on. Well, my husband acts like he doesn’t watch it but after every commercial when i have it muted he tells me to turn it up right away. He kills me! I’m glad i have someone to watch it with!! Ha Ha!
    Oh yeah-did you know Deanna is from Newnan where we just moved back from?

  3. Aubin:

    Personally I liked Jeremy the most. I want her to choose Jason, the guy w/ the child. I don’t care for Jessie, I think he’s a dork! Sorry!


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