the Brady Bunch

Between my mom & my stepdad, Kevin, there are seven of us kiddos. I’m the oldest, then there’s Audrey, Adam Christian, Ali, Adam David, Abby & Alex. We are a modern day brady bunch, I tell you! There’s an A fetish in this family, and especially a fondness for the name Adam apparently. I spent some time talking with BJ about a different word for the name “step” as in “step-family”. It just seems so harsh–it almost makes it something to feel negative about. And believe me, there are many negatives, there really are. I don’t know one person in our family who would tell you this merging of two families has been easy–because it hasn’t. And a lot of times, it still isn’t. BUT, I can tell you this. The older we get, the more “normal” this family seems and for those who have just chosen to embrace this reality, some really awesome relationships have formed.

I’m speaking for myself here–but am pretty sure it represents the whole: I wish my parents would’ve never divorced; the Umphenour’s wish their mom had never died. Two extremely devastating life changes no one should have to go through. However, we did. And now we’re one big family. We all went to school with one another before we were all siblings. These guys are no strangers to me. Kinda weird at first, very weird, actually. BUT, I love these guys! The Lord has really given me a love for our whole family, and that’s why I had to blog about it. I love my nieces and can’t imagine them not being in my life. My sister, Audrey & I have become such great friends–walking this journey of life with one another, on the same page spiritually–how incredible! For me, it’s been all about my attitude.

So here are some shots of the most recent family visit (except for the one of Abby & Alex–it’s one I stole from abby’s facebook–I have NO pictures of you, Abby…what’s up with that?!  You’re the most photogenic–next time I’m stalking you with my camera!).

This one is all about the “grafted-siblings”. Okay, hate that, too, any suggestions?

newest niece, Adeline


Alex, at prom

Abby & Alex

Adam Christian

Audrey (she wasn’t feeling pretty that day–can you imagine her on a good day?! This girl is gorgeous!)

3 thoughts on “the Brady Bunch

  1. What a great way to say it, Aubin. We have certainly come a long way and how blessed I am to have 7 wonderful children and 7 wonderful grandchildren. And of course, i haven’t seen a better looking bunch anywhere – no bias at all!

  2. I love bonus siblings! I totally feel you on the difficult blessing of blended families! My sweet step-siblings are a beautiful blessing that came out of one of the most difficult experiences of my life ( my parents divorce). It is so wonderful how God finds ways to bring kind goodness to all manner of situations good and bad.

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