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This is one of those blog posts that probably won’t be too interesting if you don’t know any of our friends and family–and maybe still boring if you do–but too bad! There are too many great pictures from the recent weeks to leave them out. Last week we went back to Georgia for a visit to our family & friends. BJ’s parents were up from Jacksonville and we had a great time seeing everyone. Aimee has blogged about the daily events on her site and since I’m so late in actually writing anything, I’ll let you look there if you want. She’s always so on top of it!

We miss everyone in Georgia so much. We are blown away by the friends & family God has given us there…and yet it isn’t our home anymore. This time it was more evident than ever, for some reason. Maybe the sting of leaving has left, or maybe since it’s been close to a year, this (KS) is really our home. Whatever the case, it didn’t hurt as bad to visit this time. Now, don’t get me wrong, it still sucks to live so far away from people you love so much. Why did we live in GA only for a short season when Aimee & Jay had kids ours could play with? Why does it still kill Judah to live away from Owen? Why did God almost move our best friends 45 minutes away from us and then didn’t?! And yet in light of all that goes on in the world, the heartache and REAL life changes, who am I to complain? Like JennyLynn said, this, however, is my reality.

So much more to say, hopefully more exciting news in the weeks to come…until then, our life in pictures.

good times with the Henderson/Skipper clan

NayNay’s first big girl bites (absolutely hating the lack of pictures of her. What a horrible aunt!)

Grammy Dot, GG, Abigail & Shi

Not so sure Abigail’s feeling Shi’s love here!

And some Skipper/Cole moments…

Finally, a picture of the whole gang

Shi & Soly

BFF--breaks my heart how much these guys love one another

bff–kills me how much these guys miss one another

Cole famlove this picture--Chrissy gets more beautiful every year, no lie

absolutely love this picture

I miss this girl like nobody\'s business (that means a lot)

Memorial Day shots…

3rd year in a row of the same shot--they\'re getting so big!\

“lovingly” saying goodbye to Steve & Laurie–one of the most precious families you’ll ever know

One of the most precious familiest you\'ll ever meet

And finally our trip home stop at the St. Louis Zoo

friends, I so wish this was BJ being so happy to be with his friends.  The happy face is actually about the elephant\'s penis in the background of our family foto.  Sorry, but it\'s the truth.

Wish I could attribute the grin on BJ’s face to the joy he’s feeling being with his family…however, it is actually about the elephant penis that made it’s way into our family shot. The kids are completely oblivious!

4 thoughts on “family & friends

  1. why do the coles have to be soo stinking photogenic??? share some of the beauty with the rest of us!! i love all of it, and especially the zoo shot!

  2. This looks like one awesome vacation!! I love the bath and the popsicle photos. The one with BJ and Shi is precious. Alli’s liking the pink popsicle too. 🙂

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