If you know my Judah man, then you can just picture him saying it the way only he can. My little guy is a lover. But more than that he most definitely has the gift of encouragement. He will tell Zoë, Shiloh or I we are beautiful on a regular (daily) basis. It often comes out of nowhere, when you least expect it–or feel like it–or deserve it. He never ceases to amaze me. I had to preface the following story with that background.

So we went to Target yesterday before heading off to see Caspian (which I did not hate or feel was a horrible movie, by the way. That post made it sound that way–I was just disappointed!) Anyway, we were ready to check out when I saw a lane open (sidenote: aren’t we so pleased with Target for learning how to have enough cashiers open so the customers don’t get angry?! achemm…come on Wal-Mart–take the hint!) The lane we chose had a young college-aged girl checking out. She obviously had some sort of disability–her lower body was barely functioning, causing her to lean against the counter as she scanned our groceries, her speech slightly slower and the inability to make eye contact.

As she’s scanning our groceries, Zoë is putting bags in the cart (a little too quickly for our sweet cashier, but none the less, helping). Judah was standing there watching her scan and completely out of the blue says to her, “I think you are beautiful.” MELT THIS MOMMA’S HEART! Her face blushed and she had a grin on her face but she didn’t respond. So he said it AGAIN! Again, the same response from her, only this time a sweet, faint, grateful “thank you” came from her lips. I could’ve lost it right then. How did he know to do that? How could this little four year old see something God so clearly sees as the world rushes past her? Because this little man’s heart is pure, bent toward the Spirit without being tainted by what the world considers “beautiful”. I can promise you this–from the look on her face it was probably one of the first times anyone had ever told her she was beautiful. And you know what is great? Little kids are brutally honest.

This trait in Judah isn’t something BJ or I have done–we would’ve botched it & tainted it a million times over. This loving, kind, encouraging trait comes straight from the hands of a God who chose a little four year old boy to bless the socks off of a young lady who probably hasn’t felt beautiful in a really long time.

6 thoughts on “beauuuuutiful

  1. OH MY GOSH…i am totally tearing up, i can hear his little lispy voice in my head as i read the story (no offense on the lispy thing, i love it) it is amazing how God can use a child to bless someone sooo much more than an adult ever could. i remember all of the sweet things i have heard zoe say over the years, your children have an amazing discernment about them. cant wait to see you guys in a couple of days!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. No offense taken! I love his little lisp 🙂 Thank you so much for what you said. Can’t wait for the awesome stories to come about the precious things we know Abigail & Naomi will say! 3 more days!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh wow! This is such a great story, Aubin! How in the world did you not keep yourself from bawling? Because I would’ve lost it!!!

    (Oh, BTW, this is Annette again! I have no idea how, once, I could log in as me and another time be Stephen. Technology confuses me…

  4. Even though you told me this yesterday, I am tearing up right now reading it. What precious, precious children you have – I love them more than words can say.

  5. Oh Aubin!
    I love this story. I teared up when I read it. I called Wade in and made him read it and then made dad read it the next day at work. You should be so proud of the great job you are doing with your children! I just love that you are home!

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