sweet words

Yesterday at our church all of the women received a book put together with a collection of quotes, memories, etc. written by our children. So needless to say I quickly flipped to find out what my kids had written about me. Here goes:

I love you because you love me. I love when you cuddle with me and help me make papers. I love when you let me sleep in your bed. I love when you play with me. I love when you give us candy. I love when we go shopping. I love that you are beautiful

Zoë Skipper

I love when you guys married. I love mommy. I love when you slide down the castle and when you were brave and went down the yellow slide and the blue slide and green slide. I love when you give us normal food and candy food. I love when you bring us to Great Water Wolf Lodge. I love when you let us go fishing at Mr. Mark’s house. I love that you brush your teeth like God says.

Judah Skipper

Am I the only person who finds this hilarious?? Can you tell that we just recently came back from a family vacation to Great Wolf lodge, an indoor waterpark? Yes, that would be the home of the yellow, blue and green slides. I didn’t realize I was being so brave but apparently someone special thought so. And do we see the common thankfulness felt deeply by both of our children–for CANDY! I promise you I don’t feed our kids junk and they love their vegetables…but I don’t know of any powers that can contain the Skipper Sweet Tooth. I capitalize because it really could be considered a condition. Just ask a couple of Skipper’s (or former ones!) you know. And no, I have not inherited this condition by marriage. I love salty and I always will–you cannot convert me! Maybe this candy obsession is why Judah is so proud of me for brushing my teeth (and not just because God says so).

I love my kids–I just can’t say it enough. They entertain me everyday with randomness and I love asking them questions and getting their awesome responses. I’d love to hear the funny sayings your kids have said.

5 thoughts on “sweet words

  1. I love this! The post and the picture! You have a really great way with words, you are inspiring! And your children are precious!

    hope you all are well,

  2. aubin!!!! i love this. i love that you have a blog and i love this as my first entry! this is amazing. my favorite line must be judah’s: ‘I love that you brush your teeth like God says.’ i didn’t realize God said to brush your teeth but i like it. 🙂

    you seem like such a great mom!

  3. Aubin,
    This is awesome! Such sweet words from the kiddies!!! 🙂 All because you ARE a great mom!!!

    I’m adding you to my blog list! (as soon as I figure out how….)

    Oh, and it says “scparris”…but well, I don’t know how to change it, so just know…this is Annette! 😉

  4. i laughed when you told me this over the phone and i am laughing again now…and i can attest to the skipper sweet tooth, it is a condition that i am struggling to remedy!!! love you guys cant wait to see you.

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